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• 1/18/2018

Arby n' the Chief Discord

Arby n't the Chief official discord
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• 11/6/2017

The series is being deleted from machinima

I've been working on archiving all the episodes but its a pain in butt to try and find every single commentary that DigitalPh33r has done. and now it seems that the series has had two videos deleted from the machinima playlist. here let me link it.
Basically it used to have 161 videos in it but now it only has 159. Does anyone know where i can find a list of episodes in the right order so i can go through and ask DigitalPh33r for a copy of the missing episodes or look elsewhere for them.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/20/2017


To arbiter,Why does chief make the lamest jokes?
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• 8/17/2016

S8 - 06: "Lockout"

Excellent episode.
The intensity is picking up and the plot finally feels like it's moving forward. Not long now and we should hopefully (finally) get the live action segments returning.
Really digged the Todd,Travis and hell even Randall references here. Sure sign that Jon does not want to include them in the final season but at least wanted to achknowledge them.
With the season finally picking up again i felt the need to return to the wiki, sorry about my absence. I've never dropped the wiki, i've just gotten lazy with editing/including things on here. Granted now that will hopefully change.
I'll be on holiday from the 20th to 27th, but after that i hope to make a few more frequent sign ins.
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• 8/17/2016


As is required by the adoption policy, I am leaving this forum post here in order to inform you guys of my adoption request for this wiki. I currently have the support of Bricked, one of the two only active staff members to my knowledge.
I would like to know your opinions on this.
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• 4/17/2015

Season 8 plot/threads/characters/hype

Alright, let's get the speculation train going. 
What does everyone think the new season will cover? We do know that Arbiter and Chief will encounter some version of the afterlife, but what will happen next? Will they warp into new bodies? If so, how will they do that unless they go back in time to before "Ignition"? If that won't happen, how will Jon's character figure into the plot? 
So many damn variables. That doesn't even cover the villain, who I personally think will be Adam. Duncan possibly as well, since he got picked off WAY too easily and WAY too early. Either he's joining Adam or he's going to be a factor in the conflict, because his character had potential. Adam on the other hand is the villain, and I will bet money on that. He's a vile character, one that we've seen before, etc.
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• 11/28/2014

Arby 'n the Chief: Season 8 - Speculation and Rumination

I'm a bit tardy to the party in regards to this, but I'm really stoked. I never expected an eighth season to be considered since the ending of season seven was... pretty final. Even I couldn't find a way to make a possible eighth season work, but Jon does apparently.
While I was skeptical at first, I eventually came to embrace the idea rather quickly because of the points Jon made in his recent blog post. I once asked a question regarding how Arbiter and Chief could be living beings even though they are merely plastic toys, and it seems like he might answer that. I really hope this works out, because if Jon is really considering coming back to the series again, then he must have some semblance of faith or something good.
So, for this post, we will be discussing what else we can expect from the season as well as speculating what could be heading our way.
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• 10/7/2014

Arby 'n' the Chief: Season 8.

Man it's been a long time since i've been on here, i've missed it.
Well it looks like Season 8 is finally going to happen as Jon has been tweeting on twitter recently about possibly bringing the series back and just updated his blog yesterday with his ideas and plans if he goes ahead with it. The plan? To bring the toys back the same style they came to exist during the first Season (coming out of boxes) and finally learning the truth of their existance. Personally i'm all for this as this question did need closure and is a very fitting way of ending the show.
There's a poll to vote for it, and currently it's very in favour of having Season 8 come to be.
I'm hyped, are you?
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• 5/12/2014

Next season, maybe?

There should be, for the sake of continuity and OCD, a spinoff series using new action figures that embody chief and arbiter in an unkown location, later to be realized that they ARE chief and arbiter, only the setting resides in Heaven/Purgitory (depending on their sins, aka whether the audience wants the spinoff to be a comedy or tragedy) where the duo continue their antics.
Just an idea for ya Jon.
Stay Ph33rful, and cheers to seven jobs well done.
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• 1/9/2014

Original Music

What is the tacky sounding orchestral music in the first 2 seasons playing in the background at some points? Especially in the movie at the moment Arbiter asks the Chief who he will get to act in his machinima. Thanks!
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• 8/29/2013


you guys awsome rolf
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• 8/27/2013


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• 8/24/2013


"Getting back to my satirical roots; developing a comedic online social commentary/character study show disguised as a faux game review show."
— @jcjgraham
I mean, the characters won't be the same, but who cares!
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• 8/23/2013

this is for chief

you are awesome at halo what is your favorite thing about halo
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• 8/17/2013

For all the years...

We had great times, guys. Thank you Jon for these awesome episodes that almost made me cry with two plastic toys with monotone voices.
R.I.P ANTC Jan 7, 2008 - Aug 17 2013.
Thank you.
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• 8/11/2013

series final

Will happen
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• 7/20/2013

does he

does eugene know that arbiter is a toy
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• 7/9/2013

How the series will end

I have looked at the names of the last few episodes. The second last episode will be called "Game Over." The finale will be called "Ignition."
I have theorised a few possible ways the series will end, and I was wondering what you all thought of it.
I have come up with three reasons why the second last episode is called "Game Over." Either it's game over for the toys, because they have no more access to Xbox Live.
Or maybe they will use Jon's second console, the one with the "messed up disc drive" to catch Eugene by surprise and ban him from the network. It could be game over for Eugene's clan.
Or it could be game over for Chief's secret about Cortana's disapperance. To get the console with the messed up disc drive, Arbiter would have to go get it from the closet, and the closet is where Chief hid Cortana's stand after her death. In the episode "B&" Chief just stood there while Arbiter searched for Halo: Reach. It's likely that he would probably be smoking by the window or something while Arbiter searches for the console and finds Cortana's stand.
Ignition means to start a fire. The constant mention of the smoke alarm in Season 7 could be foreshadowing something. I doubt an actual fire would take place, though. I think the word Ignition is used to signify that it could start something. As in start a fight between the toys. If my third theory about Game Over is right, the truth about Cortana's disappearance could ignite a brawl between the toys, leading to Arbiter mutilating Chief.
In Greenlit, the scene where the toys talk about banning Eugene's clan shows how much Chief has matured. I think in the aftermath of Chief's death, Arbiter will realise how much he enjoyed Chief's company, and this will make him want to kill himself.
The bullet holes and blood could be caused by Greg, because Greg is not a toy, he is an actual spider, but I doubt Jon has a gun in the apartment becaue Chief would probably have done something with it by now.
Seeing as Eugene has a "faceless army" according to Colin, Eugene might get one of them who lives in Vancouver to teach the toys a lesson. Jon might be returning to the apartment and gets blamed for it, and murdered. This might seem unlikely, but trust me, these days, there are a lot of people who would do anything for money. Especially if they needed it to buy drugs, because drugs are really addictive.
Now we can keep tossing these theories and guesses around, but in the end, they are just theories. The only way we will ever know is if we sit patiently, and wait.
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• 7/6/2013

Possibility of Season 8?

1. Jon said on his blog if Season 7 is not the last season then the following seasons would be like Seasons 1-4
2. Bytes: The figures tend to talk about the show in these and Hypermail. This means they are not actually dead. 
3. Jon has 2 Master Chief figures, so even if one is broken in half, the other one could be used.
These are just some reasons there could be a Season 8 (I highly doubt it but I hope so.)
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