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  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Martial Artist
  • I am male
Full name Parker Alan Dorsey Jr
Gender Male
Age 16
Relationship Status
Job Student / Writer / Modder / Guitarist
Date of birth February 11th, 1998
PSN SharpShoot121
Gamertag SharpShoot211
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Interests Video games
  • Guitar playing
  • Writing
  • KOTOR Modding
  • Martial Arts
Things I hate Ignorant, racist, sexist, scummy, snooty, and condescending people.

Hello people! I am an admin, as well as the first Comment Janitor. I'm named LDR, and I'd prefer to be called either that, or my actual name - Parker. I am a gamer, as I own an Xbox and PS3, but I use my Xbox way more though. I got addicted to Arby 'n' the Chief when by friend, Jett, mentioned it when we were playing Halo 3 on the day before Halo: Reach came out. Then, I loved it, and I looked for an Arby 'n' the Chief Wiki. I found one, but it was extremely disorganized, and I left with little more than two articles made. I found this wiki, and it was much more organized and the grammar was better than the other wiki. So, here I stay, and it will remain one of the wikis up there on my bio.

This user comes from the state of Pennsylvania. 675px-Flag of Pennsylvania.svg

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LordDeathRay - The average, everyday gamer :
TALK - Thursday, November 21 2019 (Western Standard Time)
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Over the years, I've met many people on Wikia. Here's a list of those that I consider friends.

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Artists I LikeEdit

A list of all the artists I listen to. Artists in bold are my favorites.

To-Do ListEdit

  1. To make all of the badges look Halo-esque. [Done]
  2. Make a page for all episodes in the first four seasons. [Done]
  3. Cleanup the wiki (grammar-wise). [Meh]
  4. (Personal) Achieve the badge for making an edit on the wiki for 365 days.


The articles that I've made, from first to most recent.

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