A Scientific Fax
Season Hypermail, Episode 2
A Scientific Fax
Air date June 25, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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A Scientific Fax is the second episode of Hypermail: Season 1.


Master Chief and the Arbiter answer another batch of fan mail.


The episode starts with Chief jumping in front of the camera. He starts rejoicing about the announcement of Halo 4, and then starts ranting about Playstation and Nintendo owners, and then about PC users, saying that PC will never be as powerful as console, and that it's a "scientific fax". Arbiter tells him to shut up, and then starts the episode properly, by mentioning that you can unlock badges on the machinima respawn army that are inspired by the show. Chief says that they are easy to obtain. Then the hypermail arrives.

From Syphro88:

"Dear Arbiter and Chief,

I have two questions for you, For Arbiter, why do you not ever or rarely use facial expressions? I'd like to see a colon P every now and then!

and for Chief, What would you do if they removed Armor lock from the game (Halo: Reach)? would it still be the best halo ever?

P.S. I thought Halo 2 was the best halo ever.

Thank you,

Syphro88" - Arbiter responds by saying that he wants to show the abilities that he has to compensate being an action figure with a synthetic voice. He also says that he thinks that people who use internet shorthand in regular conversation should be shot. Chief tells Syphro88 that Reach would still be the best Halo game because of its graphics and game play. He then tells him that his opinion on Halo 2 being the best is wrong.

From DJM:

"Dear chief i freaking hate you comebacks regarding others moms. Shut the fuck up you make want to tie you to a fucking nucleur bomb and blow it up then dump the remaining parts of you in acid. So shut the fuck up douche


P.S. CHIEF SUCKS HARD" - Chief responds with a few your mom jokes based on his message.

From Jacko:

"This is for the fucktard Chief.

YOU FUCKING SUCK AT HALO get a life you prick and i mean it what is up with your incorrect spelling in the dialog seriously you have brain damage oh wait no brain

From Jacko" - Chief responds by telling Jacko that he actually does have a brain that is bigger and can hold more "intelejelense" than his. Despite Arbiter finding it funny, he does point out that Chief is much better at Halo than he used to be.

After the last mail, the video ends.



  • The title comes from a line that Chief says in the video, saying that Console being more powerful than PC is a "scientific fax".

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Hypermail "A Scientific Fax"

Hypermail "A Scientific Fax"