Aces and Spaces
Season 4, Episode 4 (29)
Aces and Spaces
Air date August 7th, 2010
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Aces and Spaces is the fourth episode of Season 4 in Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Chief challenges the Arbiter to a dick drawing contest.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Arbiter sitting on the bed and attempting to draw, and exclaims about how it's unfair how he was given intelligence but a ridiculous body. Chief then sees Arbiter drawing, so he runs over and takes the notepad away from Arbiter. He asks Arbiter drawing and Arbiter tells him "A guy". Chief then takes the felt and says that it must be fixed. Chief gives it back to Arbiter with a surprisingly well-drawn penis shoved into the guy's mouth. Chief then tells Arbiter "now ur drawing officially sucks dick LOL".

Chief then starts randomly jumping on the bed and tells Arbiter that he is permitted to join in. Arbiter starts talking about how he likes drawing and wants to get better at it, to be really good at something, to have an ace up his sleeve. Chief asks him why he has no "space" up his sleeve, obviously mishearing Arbiter. Chief then tells Arbiter that he sucks at drawing and he needs to stop trying. They get in an argument over who is the better drawer and Chief challenges Arbiter to a dick drawing contest, which Arbiter reluctantly accepts.

They then take it to the drawing boards, with Chief erasing all of Jon's production notes claiming that Jon will think it was "GHOSTS". At the end of an epic dick-drawing montage, the toys then compare their penis drawings. Up first is Chief, who has drawn a very simple and crude drawing that could've taken 5 seconds to draw of a tiny penis and a smiley face. Next they go to Arbiter, who has drawn a nice detailed although slightly weird penis. Chief then says he sucks but then quickly says that's how he would've reacted had the bad drawing been his real drawing. Chief then shows Arbiter his real drawing, which is an extremely detailed and well-done drawing of a penis, complete with a shirt that reads "ONCE YOU GET TO KNOW ME I'M A REAL DICK". Chief then says how he has space up his sleeves, to which Arbiter says "YOU'RE NOT EVEN SAYING IT RIGHT!".

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The episode was received quite positively by fans.

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Arby 'n' the Chief - S4E04 - "Aces and Spaces"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S4E04 - "Aces and Spaces"