"its kinda cool cuz liek hes saying activaet but thers one were he dosnt get 2 ear it all teh way so its liek its deactivatid / but then he saes it agen aftur so its liek its activatid agen adn tahts wat teh whoel song is abot / u no wat i m33n / its prety deep adn metallic if u think abot it"
Master Chief

"Activate" is a track composed by Jon Graham. In-story, it was created by Master Chief for his show during "Low on Hearts". The entire song consists of a male voice saying "Activate! Activ-Activate!" in an infinite loop. The track has become something of a running joke. It has been included in the SoundCloud playlist for the season 6 soundtrack and in the season 8 soundtrack as track number 69.

The track is never actually heard in either of the Hypernews episodes; it appeared only in story episodes. Apart from its first appearance in "Low on Hearts", it was used by Chief to distract Greg in "Cheaters". By fan request, it also appeared in the finale of Hypermail, "Just Say No to Robot Porn".

A remix of the song, by Chase Benham, is featured in the season 8 episode "Nervewreck".


Activate - DJ Cheef

Activate - DJ Cheef


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