Aliens and Monsters
Season Hypermail, Episode 6
Aliens and Monsters
Air date August 20, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Aliens and Monsters is the sixth episode of Hypermail: Season 1.


Master Chief and the Arbiter answer another batch of fan mail.


The episode starts with Arbiter and Chief discussing the mixed reception of the latest episode of Season 6. After that they start the hypermail.

From Saki:

"Dear Arby and Chief,

Why do you never choose my question submissions for the show? Fuck you I'm not watching your stupid show anymore.


Saki" - Arbiter sarcastically tells Saki that they will make his messages top priority.

From Arbiter's Dad:

"dear chief

youre so fucking hot i want you now we can let arbiter watch

arbiters dad" - Chief finds it funny again, but says that Arbiter's mother needs his full attention.

From Master Chief's Family:

"Dear Arbiter

Can we have an orgy party? you don't have to wear a condom

From Master Chief's family" - Chief threatens to beat whoever sent the message up. Arbiter starts to think the messages from the family gag is getting silly.

From John:

"Dear chief

Stop fucking everyones moms you faggot.

Arbiter should kick you in the nuts so you wold stop having sex with everyone.

Sincerely: John" - Chief calls John out for dissing him through the internet. He then stomps on the mail he sent and makes a mom joke.

From Noble 6:

"Dear Chief,

suck my dick lololololololol


Noble 6" - Arbiter says that it was nice of Noble 6 to send some hypermail to him while saving Reach, and the though counts. However, Chief wonders what a Noble 6 is. Arbiter informs him that Noble 6 is Halo: Reach's main character, but Chief tells him that you play as Master Chief in Reach.

From Gordon Freeman:


GORDON FREEMAN" - Arbiter says that they can help when Half-Life 2: Episode 3 comes out. Chief starts a rant on how Half-Life is a Halo rip off and Halo is a much better game.

From The Nigerian Bank:

"Hello Master Chief,

You have just won $1,000,000. Before we can give you the funds, we need to do a credit card check. Please reply with Jon's credit card number and expiry date so we can process your request.


The Nigerian Bank" - Chief suddenly becomes extremely excited and goes to the computer to do what the mail said.

Arbiter ends the video and goes to stop Chief.



  • The title of this episode is a referrence to Gordon Freeman's message.

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Hypermail "Aliens and Monsters"

Hypermail "Aliens and Monsters"