Allen Radcliffe
Allen Radcliffe
Allen, as he appears in Arby 'n' The Chief.
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Online Multiplayer Network
First Appearance Genesis
Last Appearance The Reunion
Status: Active
Online Status Intact
Gamertag Unknown

Allen Radcliffe is the Online Multiplayer Network Administrator for Xbox Live. He appears in Season 6 of Arby 'n' the Chief.


His first appearance is during a video in Genesis, where he talks about the TOSERS. He appears again in the episode Chaos Theosis, where he addresses the threat of Chaos Theosis, and explains that the TOSERS will attempt to neutralize the threat of Chaos Theosis themselves. He appears in Remission, where he explains that the TOSERS has been disbanded and that if Chaos Theosis don't stop, then the OMN will be shut down. His last appearance is in The Reunion where he apologizes to all of the players who were fragged by Chaos Theosis on behalf of the OMN staff.


  • Allen's armor color in The Reunion is tan, instead of his usual forest green.