Season LA, Episode 10
LA 10
Air date April 10, 2010
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Ian Beckman
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Alone is the tenth episode of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.

Plot Edit

Going back on his word, Mario tells the Arbiter that while he hates Master Chief, he adds that he hates pseudo-intellectuals and those whom are not human in general, like the Arbiter. According to Mario, the Arbiter looks like Bowser. When the Arbiter retorts that he looks nothing like a dragon, he is thrown into the cupboard with Sonic. Sonic says that he is locked in for telling Chief where Halo 3 is, and begins to get high from his Sharpie marker. He offers it to the Arbiter, who eventually accepts.

The Chief, meanwhile, is playing "catch" with a crude blob representing the Arbiter drawn on the side of his box. Not surprisingly, the drawing fails to catch the ball. Enraged, the Chief calls the Arbiter drawing "a shithead" and kicks it, accidentally punching through the box with his foot. He is unable to get it out, loses his balance and falls, stuck. The Chief briefly considers the possibility that he may in fact be stupid, just as the Arbiter has been telling him all these years, but promptly disregards it.

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