Arbiter is a main character in the Arby 'n' the Chief series, and has relationships with a number of the characters.

Master ChiefEdit

Aces and Spaces
"This is going to be great relationship. I can tell."

Arbiter and Chief are "frenemies" who happen to share the same owner. The two constantly bicker and swear to each other regularly. Of the two, Arbiter is the intelligent one and is constantly helping Chief get out of tough situations. Though they consistently get at each other's throats, they can still manage to get along well and produce effective team work.

Despite Chief's constant insults towards Arbiter, he lets slip a few times that he doesn't hate him. Chief told Arbiter he believed in him and at one point attempted to comfort Arbiter when he was crying in the bath tub at the end of Season 6.


Cortana and Arbiter
"Cortana didn't mail herself anywhere. Fucking hell -- I had to believe that, didn't I? She's an intellectual. As much of a pain in the ass as you were, why would she willingly part from who are quite possibly the only other talking toys in existence and run the risk of never engaging in conversation again?"

In Season 2, Arbiter and Cortana were acquainted, with Cortana not really paying much attention to Arbiter, and spending her time with Todd. However, they got along well. When she disappeared after Wedding, Arbiter started to miss her, looking all over for her. He gave up when Jon moved into a new apartment in Season 4.

In Genesis, Arbiter gets overjoyed when he hears Cortana's voice, and enraged at Chief when it turns out to be a prank by him. When she actually does return along with Greg in The Reunion, he becomes overjoyed, lifting his depression. In Season 6, they have become closer friends.


In Season 2, Arbiter meets Todd and Travis after Jon bought them and had them shipped to his house. Initially, Todd and Arbiter were on good terms as both of them shared a high intellect and an interest in Steve Colbert. Their friendship however was quickly subsided once Todd and Cortana started dating. In Todd's final appearance in King (under the name, "Colbert Fan") he is quick to agree with Arbiter about showing tolerance in rivaling machinima groups as being equally entertaining.

In Genesis, Arbiter mentions Todd and Travis lastly in wanting other company rather than Chief. It's likely that he lost interest in them after Jon moved.


Travis and Arbiter rarely spoke to each other throughout the series. In Cortana, Arbiter and Travis were seen playing Grand Theft Auto IV, and were fighting over what to do in the game, due to Arbiter wanting to do missions, while Travis wanted to go to a strip club.

In Genesis, Arbiter mentions Todd and Travis lastly in wanting other company rather than Chief. It is unlikely that he misses Travis that much, and likely lost interest in them after Jon moved.


Arbiter & Claire

Arbiter & Claire on their date.

"Claire's my girl."

Arbiter and Claire first meet each other in Endgame. In that episode, Arbiter starts to have feelings for Claire, and pretends to be Jon. He asks her if she wants to play more often and maybe meet in real life, and she accepts. They end up going on a date in game, but Arbiter accidentally reveals that he isn't really Jon, and that there is a criminal in his house, which causes Claire to angrily leave him. However, at the end, Claire apologizes to Arbiter after him and Chief defeat Scott, and says that he is brave.

In Season 5, Arbiter falls in love with Claire, and when he finds out that Trent is marrying her, he is made upset (though Trent's behaviour also contributed to that). In the finale, Arbiter actually says that he loves Claire. Claire doesn't return his feelings, but likes him as a friend and says that she would never forget him. However, after Arbiter and Master Chief crash the wedding, Claire starts to talk to Arbiter much less due to his cynical behaviour , and in Fired Up, she says that a part of her hates him for what he did, which greatly upsets Arbiter again.

After she is fragbanned by Adam, Arbiter is motivated to stop Chaos Theosis now more than ever. Arbiter is put into another depression after Claire leaves in The Reunion, to the point of crying about it.


With Arbiter being a toy, neither Jon nor Arbiter have any sort of relationship as neither of them has spoken to or interacted with one another. Arbiter (and Chief) must constantly stay still to make sure Jon assumes they are just toys, otherwise they themselves would be in great danger.

Arbiter does however respect all of Jon's belongings and personal items and constantly makes sure that Chief does not abuse any of it to make sure Jon is not suspicious. However, when Arbiter saw Chief smoking, Chief said he saw Jon do it. Arbiter then referred to Jon as "retarded".


Greg and Arbiter first met in Season 4. At first Arbiter was terrified of him due to his fear of spiders, but upon learning that Greg just wanted to "hang out" with him and Chief, Arbiter apologizes for his rude dismissal and offers Greg to stay with him and Chief. Throughout Season 5, Arbiter and Greg are often seen together playing Scrabble or working on Hypernews.

In spite of their friendly and humble relationship, Arbiter's arachnophobia causes him to still find Greg somewhat repulsive and startling, although he tries his best to suppress this (This is evident in 'Stag Night,' when Arbiter tells Claire that while he and Greg are friends, he still cannot get over his appearance and thus feels greatly ashamed about this). Arbiter considers Greg to be the only true friend he ever had. This was shown in Cheaters when he angrily beats up and knocks Master Chief out cold for driving off Greg, yelling that Greg was the only true friend he had, and now Chief had driven him off.

Trent DonnovichEdit

"It doesn't surprise me that a dose of emotion would have a toxic effect on an emotion-deprived cretin like you. Who's really the plastic one here? Your bleak outlook on life is poisonous. Maybe the world is a big sinking ship. But we can't accept that as an inevitability and use it as an excuse to act like shitheads. We have to be the change we seek. We have to build something better for ourselves"

Arbiter originally wished the best for the engaged Trent, although he began to reconsider when Trent revealed he fired his company's writers purely because he hates storylines in video games. After a second reunion with Claire, Arbiter was surprised to find that Claire was Trent's fiance, and the meeting started rocky, as Trent insults Arbiter for his voice and the belief that his life is sad and meaningless. Eventually, Trent sympathizes with Arbiter when he finds out that Claire and Arbiter used to date, and the two befriends one another despite Arbiter's obvious dislike towards him. Keeping his promise to Claire to not cause any trouble that would hurt the wedding, Arbiter made himself attempt to respect Trent more. However, thanks to Chief, Arbiter discovers that Trent is cheating on Claire, but was banned before he could tell Claire anything. Trent developed a grudge towards Arbiter for ruining his wedding, which he believed contributed to the end of his company, though it was obvious the game he released was rather bad. Arbiter claimed that he had respect for Trent, which died when he found out about his adultering. After that, Trent became an archenemy of sorts for Arbiter. Arbiter called Trent despicable during their final encounter before Trent was fragged.


Arbiter meets Clyde in the episode, TOSERS. Clyde found Arbiter's synthetic voice to be annoying and after stating his goals to him (as well as Master Chief, Cody, and Cameron,) Arbiter disapproves of his actions, believing that while it's helping preserve freedom online, the style in which is too extreme and unrestrained for it to be controlled, ultimately leading Arbiter to join the TOSERS to prevent him and the rest of Chaos Theosis from damaging the OMN any further. Throughout the rest of Season 6, Arbiter views Clyde as a major threat that must be stopped at all costs.

Both Arbiter and Clyde are considered to share the same level of intelligence. Clyde, while respecting Arbiter's skills to a degree, does not take Arbiter too seriously in his plans to stop the OMN until Arbiter and Chief acquire their hacks, which would eventually lead to Clyde's and Chaos Theosis' downfall.


The Arbiter vs Adam

Arbiter thinks little of Adam for the first eight episodes of Season 6, thinking him to just be an annoying, juvenile kid. However, he gains a serious grudge against him after the events of Remission, where he sadistically frags Claire. Arbiter thinks that Adam needs to grow up, due to his behavior towards his mother and in general. However, after fragging him, Arbiter is heard saying "Good luck, kid". Adam dislikes Arbiter as well, finding his voice annoying and wishing that he would go away. Arbiter also dislikes Adam's gamertag, as seen in Cradle to Grave.

Adam in return finds Arbiter annoying as everything else he dislikes. He gets increasingly frustrated as they encounter one another, taking great joy out of mocking Arbiter when he threatens to (and ultimately does) ban Claire. Once Adam is forcefully being taken to Juvenile Hall, he pitifully begs Arbiter and the other players to help him against the police only for Arbiter to not respond until it is too late.


Much like Adam, Arbiter pays little attention to Kylie until after the events of Remission, but still views her as a threat due to her being with a clan full of hackers. Upon finally confronting her, he is taken by surprise that how easily she is able to outwit him, twice (as also seen in TOSERS,) however he does not approve of her manipulative behavior as seen when she seduces Chief with nude photos.

Kylie in return views Arbiter as another "pathetic" user online looking to get female attention through Claire.


Of all the members of Chaos Theosis, Duncan and Arbiter have interacted the least. Duncan commends Arbiter for his skills in lasting so long in the match when they attack a TOSERS evaluation match. Arbiter however only views him as a threat due to him being with a clan full of hackers. Upon gaining more info about Chaos Theosis (with it, their gamertags) he disapproves of Duncan's sexist gamertag: BACK2THEKITCHEN88.


Arbiter and Stephen get along well early in the season. While Stephen thinks that Arbiter's voice is annoying, he thinks that Arbiter is a decent person and an asset to the TOSERS. In "The Reunion", Arbiter is a little shocked to find out that Stephen was a traitor, and fragged him later in the episode.


After Kevin saved Arbiter from being banned in 'Blackout', Arbiter saves him by killing the Hacker grunt. Kevin thanks him for this and Arbiter tells him to forget it as they still owe him. The two become acquainted and Arbiter witnesses Kevin getting fragged. He vows to avenge him and ends up doing so straight after. He appeared to like Kevin and has respect for him due to the fact he was rather mature for his age. Kevin congratulates him upon his return in 'The Reunion'.


Leonard and Arbiter don't interact so often. Leonard seemed to like Arbiter enough to allow him to join TOSERS. He also had a rather harsh side towards Arbiter and Chief because he couldn't stop Chief from yelling out profanities while moderating. However, he allowed the toys to stay on after Arbiter told them they were the ones who crashed Trent's wedding and that they had experience with hacks. He even promoted Chief to a Level 0 TOSER after Arbiter told him that Chief needed to hold his own against Chaos Theosis with some basic banning abilities. Later, during the assault on the TOSERS HQ, he promoted the duo to Level 3, but then got fragged shortly after. After the toys dealt with Chaos Theosis and Trent, he congratulates the toys.

Eugene BlackEdit

Arbiter and Eugene face to face
"Eugene was an abused animal. The world bit him hard, and he bit back. It pushed him to the absolute edge. Then we came along and nudged him off."

Eugene Black is perhaps the one person Arbiter hates as much as much as Trent Donnovich but unlike Trent, respects and sympathises with just as much Arbiter met Eugene Black while playing online alone.

Arbiter first met Eugene in an online game and instead of yelling out profanities as expected, he praised Eugene's skills, starting off their friendship rather well. Unlike most people, Eugene didn't seem to understand why Arbiter's voice was Microsoft Mike after he believed that Arbiter had a problem with his voice. He then sends Arbiter a friend request. Later, Arbiter met up with Eugene and his girlfriend Michelle, and despite Chief's usual antics, the four got off good. Soon, Michelle asked for relationship advice from Arbiter, and after Eugene found out, he messed with Arbiter by acting angry. In truth, he was grateful because Arbiter prevented Michelle from breaking up with him. His liking to Arbiter grew until he invited him and Chief to join his clan and eventually, Eugene saw potential in Arbiter and Chief to trust them with Colin's Fragban 2.0. Arbiter at first refused the offer, but after Chief drives off Greg, Arbiter himself gets harassed by other players online, and eventually learning of Eugene's troubled lifestyle, Arbiter relents and agrees to use Fragban to troll other players.

Arbiter and Chief would accompany Eugene and his Clan in trolling players for 2 months straight, until he learned of Colin's pedophiliac nature from Chief. When Arbiter was prepared to question Eugene's involvement in this revelation, he eavesdrops on Eugene's interrogation of his classmate, Brody, where Arbiter inadvertently learns of Eugene's true colors outside of Halo and he questions his allegiance to his friend, even going so far as to call him a "sadist". Realizing that they cannot continue doing what they've been doing, Arbiter and Chief agree to ban Eugene and his friends, but upon revealing Eugene's true colors to Michelle (whom they ran into mere moments before agreeing to go through with their plan) the duo is taken down by Eugene, who learned of their planned Double-Cross prior. Despite being banned from the network, Arbiter and Chief refuse to take their defeat and after buying another console online with Jon's Credit Card, the duo re-confront Eugene's Clan on Breakneck. Tyler and Colin are stopped (thanks to some outside interferences) and Eugene flees to Ridgeline. Rather than fight though, Eugene bids farewell to the toys and he kills himself out of insanity, having lost his sister, his girlfriend, and his online friends to two toys...