Arby 'n' the Chief: The Movie
AntC The Movie
Air date May 25, 2008
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Arby 'n' the Chief: The Movie was first announced on April 1, 2008 [1], and subsequently premiered on May 25 the same year.


When the Arbiter makes a bet with Master Chief whether or not he can create a good machinima, Master Chief fails among the usual gang, but is picked up by an eccentric movie producer in Los Angeles who eventually requests that Master Chief relocate to the City of Angels. Will Master Chief fail miserably, or end up living up to his expectations in Los Angeles, leaving Todd, Travis, Cortana and his only true friend, the Arbiter, behind him?


Master Chief forces Arbiter, Cortana, Todd, and Travis to play along with him in a horrible game of "pretend". As the others leave, Arbiter approaches Chief and consoles him by telling him he is very imaginative. While watching machinima videos online, the Chief begins to insult Jon Graham (also known as DigitalPh33r at the time), saying that his videos are shitty and repetitive. Arbiter then makes a bet with him to make a machinima of his own, but on one condition: If the machinima is bad, the Chief has to be nice for a day. Chief retorts by saying that if the machinima is good, then Arbiter, Todd, Travis, and Cortana have to "shut up forever" Arbiter then suggest a day, to which Chief accepts. Several weeks later, with the help of Chief's online friends, his machinima is complete. The name of the machinima is "TEH AELINS FRUM TEH OTUAR SPAESS". It is very badly done, over three hours long, contains bad voice acting, over-the-top character actions, and a terrible plot. Everyone dislikes it, though Arbiter and Todd attempt to sugar-coat their criticism while Travis straightforwardly states that it sucks. Angry, Chief says that he has uploaded it to the internet and that the result of the bet should depend on the online reaction (which is Chief standing at the computer for 14 hours and continually hitting F5 in order to refresh the page over and over, resulting in more views) seeing through his plan, Arbiter quickly dismisses his cheating attempt.

The movie

Chief's video attracts the attention of the eccentric machinima director Skyler Loveheart, the head of "Douchebag Studios." Loveheart mistakenly thinks that the movie is a parody of bad machinima, and believes that the video is a work of a genius. He then contacts Chief and tells him that Douchebag Studios could use the Chief's talents, and that they want him to come down to Los Angeles to create a serious machinima under their new contract. Chief happily accepts and tells the other toys the news and happily runs of laughing. To everyone's delight (except Arbiter’s), Chief leaves and heads to L.A.

In Los Angeles, the Chief is greeted by Loveheart. While in Loveheart's car, Chief asks to use his phone, which he uses to call Arbiter. He begins to brag to and insult Arbiter, who angrily hangs up and throws the phone out the window. Chief then makes an online video in which he boasts about his machinima talents and challenges anyone who disagrees to a boxing match; according to him, beating his critics in a boxing match will somehow prove that he is right and they are all wrong. The video annoys Arbiter, who "can't think of anyone with an ego that massive." Travis then tells Arbiter to let it go, and that they should be celebrating. Arbiter half-heartedly agrees.

Nearly two months later, Chief's attempt at a "serious" machinima is completed and is titled, "TEH EPIK BATEL." Loveheart, seeing the video and how bad it is, realizes that Chief isn't cleverly satirizing bad machinima, but is simply bad himself. Loveheart then furiously tells Chief that he had invested almost all of his money in him, and, pulling a pistol from his pocket, attempts to shoot and kill him. Luckily, Loveheart's hyperactivity causes him to aim erratically, and so every shot misses, even shooting himself in the leg with one of the shots. Chief then steals Loveheart's car and escapes, heading back home. Loveheart, realizing the situation he has gotten himself into, commits suicide by shooting himself in the head, causing a ludicrous amount of blood to spurt out of his exit wounds.

Back at Jon's apartment, Travis and Arbiter are playing a versus match on Halo 3. Losing, Arbiter forfeits, saying that he's not in the mood. Chief arrives, and is greeted coldly by Arbiter, whom Chief mostly ignores. He goes on to enthusiastically greet Todd, Travis, and Cortana, instead of greeting him back, they give him the cold shoulder. Arbiter then tells him that he has quite a lot of nerve coming back after the way he behaved, and that it's best that he should go. Chief, upset, cuts power to the apartment out of revenge and leaves. He walks into the road and attempts to commit suicide by throwing himself in front of a car. Arbiter, who followed, begs the Chief to get up, saying that he needs him in his life and that he even loves him. After a few more moments in which Chief does not respond, he turns away sadly. Suddenly, Chief rises, saying, "TAHTS SRSLY TEH GAYIST SHIT IV EVAR HERD." Arbiter, releaved that he's alive, questions why he tried to kill himself. Chief then recalls when he tried to commit suicide by attempting to drown himself in the toliet in Master Chief Sucks At Halo 2, and comes to the conclusion that he can't die. He asks for a hug, which Arbiter gives, not realizing the Chief has stuck an insulting sign on his back (“IM GAY”), just as he has done in the past.


Arbiter and Chief outside of the apartment, the movie marking the first time they ever stepped outside.

Later, Todd, Travis, and Cortana are having a discussion on Chief's destiny (namely, whether he'd go to Heaven or Hell and how Hell would be like, to which Travis replies that it would be the Halo 3 Campaign level "Cortana" on Legendary for the rest of eternity). Just then, a door opens in the hallway, to which Arbiter ask if it's Chief. Then a large Master Chief helmet slowly appears from around the corner of the hallway, saying that it is the “real” Master Chief and declaring that “I AM HEER TO EAT UR FACES. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.” This freaks out everyone, especially Todd, who screams feminately at the top of his lungs and runs away when he sees it. However it turns out to be a prank by Chief, who laughs and says he was just kidding.

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  • This movie marks the first time the toys ever step outside. Chief meets a human during the course of the movie, which he also did in Pilot. However, in Season 6, Arbiter states that they can never go outside or be seen by humans in case of them freaking out or the toys being taken away for experimenting. This has so far never been touched upon in the show, although fans can assume it's due to Jon taking his work more seriously during the latter half of Season 4, which he said in a blog and trying to make the show more realistic (to an extent).
  • The latest this Movie could have taken place would have been after Cortana yet before Conflict Part 1, although it makes sense for the Movie to take place after Newcomers as Chief hasn't developed a hatred for Todd and Cortana yet, which would continue into Conflict Part 1.
  • Master Chief making a video response to a petition to stop him from making machinima is a parody of the infamous incident with Uwe Boll who made a similar video.

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Arby 'n' the Chief- The Movie

Arby 'n' the Chief- The Movie

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