Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes
AntC Bytes
Genre Comedy
Format Live action puppeteering
Created by Jon Graham
Starring Microsoft Sam
Jon Graham
Opening theme None
Country of origin Canada
Language English
No. of episodes 20
Running time 2 - 6 minutes

Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes is a new spin-off series of Arby 'n' the Chief. It takes place in a parallel universe to the main series, and features the same main characters. The average run time for episodes in this season is estimated to be two to three minutes (though some go on as four to five minutes). It is very similar to the Arby 'n' The Chief Shorts, only it is a full season of them.

Bytes was meant to keep humor to the show, whereas most of the season it runs through is based around morbidity.

Originally, the series came to an end with the release of the second season finale "One Love" on December 23, 2012 due to a new programming plan between Jon Graham and Machinima. However, since Jon's departure from Machinima and his announcement of an eighth main season, a third season of Bytes has also been confirmed.


  1. Season 1
  2. Season 2
  3. Season 3


Response to the series was very positive.