Season 6, Episode 8 (59)
Air date September 24th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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The Storm
"It's about time this game cop horseshit was over and done with. Have fun."
Stephen's opinion on TOSERS directly before allowing Chaos Theosis' attack the Main Server

Blackout is the eighth episode in season six of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief and the Arbiter are in the belly of a private hacking server at severe risk of having their console irreversibly banned and must find a way out, but not without the hack files they came for.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Claire heading off to the Division mod, preparing to supervise another game. On the way, she runs into Stephen and the two discuss life as well as Claire's growing success.


Arbiter and Clyde in a face off in the Hacker's Server.

Elsewhere, Clyde, Adam, and the underground hackers surround and prepare to frag Arbiter and Master Chief for being a part of the TOSERS. Arbiter pleads them to listen, stating that they've been discharged, but Clyde refuses mercy, believing that even being affiliated with TOSERS is a threat to his plans. Suddenly, before they can frag Arbiter, Kevin comes to their rescue, sniping the hacker who was about to frag Chief. A massive shootout occurs, with Kevin and two of the hackers lives taken in the crossfire. Finally, The hacker leader is cornered by Arbiter and Master Chief and is intimidated into giving the hacks to them for free.

With the hack files sent to their inbox, Arbiter kills the leader and their mission is complete. Master Chief however runs off to frag more hackers, leaving Arbiter to try and stop him. During the chase, Arbiter and Clyde get into a confrontation. After Clyde congratulates Arbiter (and Chief) for how far they've gotten, Arbiter informs him that Chaos Theosis is over now and that he and Chief have the hacks, but Clyde simply states that "things are only getting started." Adam soon appears behind Arbiter and prepares to attack, but Master Chief appears as well and prepares to ban Adam as well.


Arbiter and Chief sit together after the blackout hits.

Suddenly, a loud rumble of thunder is heard from outside and the electricity goes out, instantly killing them in-game. With no power, no light, and time running out, Arbiter and Master search for a flashlight and Jon's laptop in order to download the hack files before they are gone. After ruffling around in darkness, Chief finds the flashlight and Arbiter prepares to download the files, but Chief messes around and decides to watch porn instead. Impatient, Arbiter cancels the porn and downloads the hack files himself onto a flash drive, just before they are deleted. With the files downloaded, no power and the battery to Jon's laptop dying, Chief and Arbiter sit against a wall in boredom while waiting for the power to come back on.

Chaos Theosiss

Chaos Theosis gain access into TOSERS headquarters.

Some time later at the TOSERS server, Claire has been promoted to level 1 status by Leonard for her exponential success, allowing her no restrictions in her position. After informing Stephen of her success, Claire goes off to supervise more games. Stephen is then seen approaching the members of Chaos Theosis, informing the four about TOSERS's server and its in-and-outs, revealing that he had made a monetary agreement with them. With all the info they need, Chaos Theosis heads off to the TOSERS server.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO fight your way out of a private hacking server
  • HOW TO find a new hobby
  • HOW TO less than three tentacle porn
  • HOW TO keep an emergency fleshlight on reserve in case of an electrical outage
  • HOW TO have a beast time


This episode received universal praise from fans upon release. Many loved the action scene at the episode's beginning.

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