Boris Smirnoff
Boris Smirnoff
Boris, about to shoot Scott
Voice Actor Daniel Laszlo
Gender Male
Affiliations Unnamed Russian agency (presumably FSB)
First Appearance Endgame
Last Appearance Endgame
Status: Alive
Online Status N/A
Gamertag N/A
"He fucked with Mother Russia. If you fuck with Mother Russia, you have to fuck with me. AND NOBODY FUCKS WITH ME!"

Agent Boris Smirnoff is a supporting character in Endgame.

His surname may be a reference to the comedian Yakov Smirnoff, famous for his Russian Reversal jokes.


He is a Russian agent who was sent to capture Scott Loveheart, the main antagonist of Endgame for smuggling cocaine and hacking in Halo 3. He almost caught him at the beginning of Endgame, but Scott managed to escape, enraging him. Later, Chief and Arbiter call the police since Scott is living at their house. Agent Smirnoff came to Jon's house, and confronted Scott. He shot him several times, killing him. He then left without even collecting the body.


Smirnoff is somewhat clumsy but also slightly crazy, as shown from his outburst of anger when Scott escapes him at the beginning of Endgame, as well as during his murder of him when he shoots Scott multiple times and seems to relish in the shooting. His clumsiness can be seen when he is incapacitated by Scott throwing cocaine into his face during his first escape and when Scott hits him with a keyboard in a second, failed attempt to escape him.

Smirnoff seems to have nostalgia for the Soviet Union, as he wears a hammer-and-sickle band on his arm.