Brent, as he appears in Arby 'n' The Chief.
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
First Appearance Night of the Evading Dead
Last Appearance Night of the Evading Dead
Status: Alive
Online Status Intact
Gamertag Unknown

Brent was a Halo: Reach player, and a minor antagonist of Season 4.


Brent was constantly harassing people when he was infected - stalking them, teabagging, and using very rude language. On Cody's map, he taunted Arbiter and Master Chief, when he was killed by one of Cody's rockets. He later killed Cody while he was grabbing more rocket ammo, and stalked Arbiter. He cornered him at the landing pad, and was killed when Chief crashed his falcon into him.


He behaved like a typical troll online, using several swear words and harassing and annoying people by tea-bagging.

He prides himself for his rank - being a Warrant Officer, which isn't very high, at least in comparison to other ranks.