Brody Mitchell
Brody S7
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations None
First Appearance Ashes
Last Appearance What Lies Beneath

Event Horizon (Mentioned Only)

Status: Alive (Hospitalized)
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Unknown
"I wanted to get back at you for everything you've done to me, for what you've done to everybody."
— Brody explaining his motives to Eugene in "What Lies Beneath"

Brody Mitchell is a student who attends the same school as Eugene Black, Tyler King and his friend, Kyle Mathison.

Season 7 Edit

Brody and his friend Kyle were members of a Halo server modified for role-playing, and encountered Eugene, Tyler and Colin, who had located the server with the intent of bullying the two. Brody however, retaliated by revealing that he saw Eugene crying at school, and criticized Eugene and Tyler for their unsatisfactory grades.

Brody Mitchell

Seeking revenge, Tyler assaulted Brody, making sure to conceal himself. Although Brody correctly suspected Tyler and Eugene's involvement, he was unable to prove it to the school staff due to lack of evidence. To punish him for his attempt, Eugene and Tyler stole his bag and threw it in a river.

Brody eavesdropped on a conversation between Eugene and Tyler, where Eugene gave Tyler a USB, the contents of which they intended to use to cause significant damage. Unbeknownst to Brody, the USB contained the Fragban software. Brody was able to steal the USB and duplicate its contents for himself while Tyler was intoxicated. Brody was unable to figure out what the files on the USB were, or how to use them, but he intended to find out, and enlisted Kyle's help.

What Lies Beneath - Eugene with Brody

After six weeks, the duo was still no closer to discovering what the software on the USB was. Brody placed the USB in his Xbox, because it was the only possibility he hadn't attempted yet. After killing two players in-game - and consequentially banning them - Brody realized what he had done, and what the software was.

Brody decided to use the software to get revenge against Eugene and Tyler, ignoring Kyle's suggestion to turn over the hacks to the administration instead (though Brody intended to give the hacks to the administration afterwards). Their attempt at assassinating Eugene was foiled by Colin, who immediately noticed them hiding in a corridor under camouflage ready to ambush them. After evacuating the server, both Brody and Kyle received a threatening message from Eugene, who had figured out who they were.

Knowing that Eugene was on to them, Brody hid in his house for an entire day while Eugene watched outside, waiting for him to leave.

Brody eventually met Kyle online in the RPG server to discuss the matter. Kyle advised Brody that they should give Fragban to the network administration. However, Eugene's clan invaded the server again at that moment. Eugene threatened to ruin Brody's life, and possibly murder him if he didn't cease his efforts to stop the clan, and banned him.

Afterwards, Brody attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on pills, but was found by his brother, and taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.