Season 7, Episode 9 (73)
Air date April 6, 2013
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"The world's a fucked up place."

Broken is the ninth episode of the seventh season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Eugene decides to confide in The Arbiter and Master Chief and reveal to them a secret, after which tension rises greatly between the toys. Greg, clueless what do with his knowledge regarding the truth of Cortana's demise, makes a radical decision. After throwing himself a party, the Chief experiences a traumatizing sight.

Plot Edit

Master Chief and Arbiter have joined Eugene together in an online match in matchmaking, to see the thing that Eugene offered to show them. After Eugene frags every player in the server, Arbiter notices that none of the dead bodies in the map are disappearing and nobody is respawning, to which Eugene reveals his possession of the updated fragban software. Taken aback, Arbiter declines to use it, saying that he fails to find the humor in using the hacks. Chief, who is in awe of the hacks and wants to gain access to them himself, refuses to leave with Arbiter, and the latter unplugs the Xbox, leaving Eugene by himself.

Arbiter then confronts Chief in the kitchen, telling him that using hacks is wrong. Their argument is halted when they notice Greg, holding a post-it note saying "I'm leaving". When asked why by Arbiter, Greg tells him that he is in an uncomfortable position due to various circumstances, and has decided that leaving is the best solution. Arbiter tries to plead with Greg to help resolve whatever situation that has prompted him to leave, but it is to no avail. Greg leaves, while Chief celebrates with balloons and the rest of Greg's unused post-it notes by writing "Unwelcome home Greg!" on them and sticking them on the door. Meanwhile, Arbiter sits in the bathtub drinking to excess. When Arbiter eventually leaves the bathroom, he turns off Chief's dubstep music and plays some more matchmaking. During the match, Arbiter is accosted by a group of angry players who rag on him about his synthetic voice. Arbiter ultimately decides to leave the match to avoid an unnecessary confrontation.

Arbiter returns to Chief, who is in the kitchen recovering from a brutal hangover. Arbiter pretends to help him up, but then punches him out of anger, which causes Chief's visor to fall off. Arbiter then leaves. When Chief finds his visor and puts it back on, he sees a brief apparition of Cortana

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The episode's overall reception has been positive, with many commenting on the writing and the ending.

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  • This episode was originally called "Black," but was renamed due to "alterations in the structure of the season's story."[1]. Later, the title has been reused for the following episode.

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Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E09 - "Broken"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E09 - "Broken"

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