Cameron Jones
Cameron, as he appears in Arby 'n' The Chief.
Voice Actor Ian Beckman
Gender Male
Affiliations Trent Donnovich's Staff
First Appearance Duck Love
Last Appearance The Reunion
Status: Active
Online Status Online
Gamertag Unknown
"But I don't think there's going to be a problem...isn't that right? Gonna be a good boy and hold that tongue of yours this time aren't you? Hmmm? Hahaha."
— Cameron to Master Chief

Cameron Jones is a Major League gamer, and one of the top competitive Halo: Reach online players in America.

Personality Edit

Cameron is as arrogant as Cody, but whereas the former is more intimidating and thrilled in gaming, Cameron is cold and calculating. Cameron is visibly greedy as well, as when Arbiter questioned him and Cody about their thoughts on Trent Donnovich's affair, Cameron replied that they weren't paid to ask questions. He also has a sarcastic, cold personality.

Despite that, he is shown to have morals. As shown in TOSERS he rhetorically asks MILFHUNTER69 how would it be fair that innocent people that don't have anything to do with the organization be fragged before being fragged himself.

History Edit

Affiliation with Trent Donnovich Edit

Cameron and his partner, Cody Hammond, were hired by Trent Donnovich to serve as security for the church where his in-game wedding was taking place, being payed an unspecified amount of money.

Cameron first met Master Chief after Chief challenged Cody to a match of Halo: Reach, and told him to invite Cameron as well. During the match, Chief failed to get even a single kill, and the duo defeated Chief humiliatingly. Afterwards they both ridiculed Master Chief terrible skills and left him broken spirited and humiliated.

Later, Cameron and his partner met Master Chief again, along with Arbiter, who had been invited for a tour of Trent's church. They were initially hostile, but allowed them to pass when Trent told them to.

Shortly after the tour, and after Arbiter had helped him increase his skill, Master Chief confronted Cameron and Cody and challenged them to a rematch, this time as a tag team alongside Arbiter. With Arbiter and Chief working together, Cameron and Cody seemed to have met their match, but won the rematch by one point by desperately camping in an exit on Swordbase.

Wedding Crash Edit

Cody and Cameron also served as security for Trent's stag, which Arbiter had been invited to. However, after Master Chief had joined the server uninvited, and discovered Trent's affair, Trent ordered Cameron to kill Master Chief and remove him from the server.

Master Chief and Arbiter managed to join the wedding server through use of a JonGJC gamertag with the help of the Underground Hackers. Cameron and Cody attempted to stop Chief and Arbiter from crashing the wedding, but the toys used hacks to distract them by blowing up all of the Warthogs in the server and Cameron was assassinated by Arbiter during the distraction. Due to Chief and Arbiter's recently acquired hacks, Cameron was banned after being assassinated. Though Cameron, along with the rest of Trent's staff, had their bans briefly removed, Greg arrived at the server and banned them all again.

Tryout for TOSERS Edit

Cameron and Cody cut ties with Trent after the wedding was crashed, and decided to join the Terms of Service Enforcement/Response Squad. They joined the server for new recruits, and once again encountered Master Chief there, unpleasently surprised to see him. During the training course, both Cameron and Cody managed to keep a high score during the match. However, Chaos Theosis attacked the server and Cameron was fragged by Clyde.

Despite being fragged, Cameron joined in the battle against Chaos Theosis when they attacked the main TOSERS server, playing split-screen on Cody's console. The duo used a falcon, with Cameron using the machine gun. However, Duncan shot down their falcon using a rocket launcher, fragging them both.

After Master Chief and Arbiter stopped Chaos Theosis from taking down the Online Multiplayer Network, Cameron and Cody's accounts were restored, along with the accounts of all the other players banned by Chaos Theosis. Cameron, along with Cody and Kevin, complimented Chief and Arbiter for what they did.

Armory Edit

In Halo: Reach, he dons a CQC Helmet, JFO Shoulders, and UA/COUNTERASSAULT Chest and Default Kneepads.

Trivia Edit

  • It is interesting to note, that during Duck Love, Cody and Cameron had their armors reversed (but they still had their respective colors: red and blue). However, it seems to have only been for that one episode.

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