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Chaos Theosis
Chaos theosis logo
The emblem of Chaos Theosis
Type Hacking Clan
Status Active
Date of formation Unknown
Leader Clyde
Notable members Kylie
Adam McIntyre
"Technology is evolving at a faster rate than man can keep up with. As each day passes, he gives a little more of himself to the machine. The day is not coming when we become slaves, distracted from the fact of sensory stimulation. That day is here."
— Clyde

Chaos Theosis was a group of hackers and cyberterrorists that claimed to have risen in response to the formation of TOSERS (Terms of Service Enforcement/Response Squad). The clan demanded the disbandment of TOSERS, and threatened to ban players in Halo: Reach matchmaking until their demands were met using their Fragban software, which gave any player fragged in-game a console ban.

In reality, the clan was hired by Trent Donnovich, who provided them with Fragban himself, to take down the Online Multiplayer Network by console-banning players on the network until the administration would have no choice but to shut it down. The group was fragmented after all four of them were perma-banned; three of which due to the combined efforts of Arbiter and Master Chief.



Chaos Theosiss

The four main members of Chaos Theosis.

Clyde, "MILFHUNTER69" (Jon Graham)
The leader of the group, using the elite officer armor permutation in steel and red colors, Clyde appeared to be an idealistic individual who believed that bringing down the TOSERS would make the Xbox LIVE community a better place. This was a facade, and his true motive was simply to make money.
Adam McIntyre, "Oo_PuFf_Da_ChR0n1k_420_oO" (Khail Anonymous)
The youngest member of the group, in red and pale colored spartan armor, Adam was a foul-mouthed child who was constantly berated by his mother, who was also the target of Adam's profanity. Besides acting argumentative and perverse, Adam was very tough and skilled, only making him more dangerous with the hacks bestowed to him and his comrades. Adam's motive was simply to cause trouble.
Kylie, "KILLERK1TTEN19" (Elizabeth Carr-Ernst)
The only female in the group, in purple and cyan colored spartan armor, Kylie was vicious and efficient. Other than Clyde, she was likely the most dangerous member of Chaos Theosis. She even used cheats such as shooting through walls to further her effectiveness. Kylie's motive was to gain enough money to be able to move out from her home, due to her abusive father.
Duncan, "BACK2THEKITCHEN88" (Hutch)
The bulky member of the group, in brown and gray colored armor, Duncan was a fiercely competitive and professional player who was an intolerable misogynist. He used to be an MLG player prior to joining Chaos Theosis, and had a profound respect for those of considerable skill, such as Arbiter. He favored using power weapons, always carrying a Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod Cannon into battle alongside a jetpack. Duncan's motive was solely to stop TOSERS to make online gaming not feel restricted by "game police", and he attempted to distance himself from the clan after finding out what they were really doing.


Stephen, "Silent Strike" (Matt Dannevik)
A level 2 member of TOSERS, Stephen was Arbiter and Master Chief's first supervisor. He was eventually promoted to Level 3, receiving most administrative privileges. However he was secretly, a Chaos Theosis affiliate, paid by the clan to give them a list of all known moderators using his administrative privileges, and was later paid another sum to allow the clan to enter the TOSERS server with their hacks and cheats activated.
Kylie's bodyguards (Ian Beckman and Matt Dannevik)
A couple of skilled Halo Reach players on Kylie's friends list who were briefly hired by Kylie for protection. Neither of them were allowed to use Fragban.
Trent Donnovich, "Trent D" (Jon Graham)
The financial backer and employer of Chaos Theosis.


  • The word "theosis" means deification: the act of becoming a god.
  • The clan members each suffered ironic "deaths." Adam's fragging was brought about by his mother whom he'd been abusing for so long;Duncan, being sexist and claiming that no woman will outsmart him, was outsmarted and fragged by a woman; Kylie is smart, cunning and a misandrist yet was outsmarted by Chief, a male who is considered to be mentally deficient; Clyde, the tough and hardy boss who had the highest frag count was taken down the first time before he could even fight.
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