Chaos Theosis
Season 6, Episode 5 (56)
Air date August 13th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Games, booze, chicks; you'll drive yourself crazy trying to fully comprehend it. You just have to embrace the chaos, face it head on."
Stephen to Arbiter

Chaos Theosis is the fifth episode in the sixth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

The Arbiter and Master Chief begin their duty as level negative one TOSERS in-game moderators. Meanwhile, the Chaos Theosis clan continues its merciless rampage throughout online matchmaking.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with a video made by OMN Administrator Allen Radcliffe, who talks about the threat of the Chaos Theosis and how they gave the TOSERS an ultimatum stating that if they were shut down, the hackers would cease their havoc on the online committee. Allen however, states that the TOSERS have released an
Chaos Theosis Episode

Chaos Theosis in action

official response, saying that they will not give in to the hacker's demands and

Clyde taking down a player

will still stay strong and recruit more officers. As Allen talks, the members of Chaos Theosis are shown wreaking havoc in matches. Allen then adds that OMN is working close with the TOSERS to create a patch that might be able to eradicate the hackers' exploits. Allen then apologizes, saying that the hackers will be punished to the fullest extent. The title screen appears.

Adam walks through a warehouse while being yelled at by his mom. Adam tells his mom to get him some Jell-O as he confronts a TOSER supervisor and kills him. Kylie then snipes another TOSER supervisor and begins talking with Duncan about the new generation and how its standards are deteriorating while killing TOSER recruits.

A recruit then becomes confused as to why everyone is missing and assumes he dropped out. As he says this, Clyde comes up behind him and kills him. Adam, Kylie and Duncan then join Clyde.

In a match of Slayer, Master Chief and Arbiter are shown watching a match while Chief brags about his TOSER status, with Silent Strike asking Chief not to use profanity again. Silent Strike and Arbiter then talk about various things such as the progress on stopping the hackers, and Silent Strike states that the hackers are crafty, and unless the OMN creates a new patch, the hackers are unstoppable and the TOSERS aren't making any progress whatsoever. Silent Strike then adds that the only way they can get to the hackers is by using the system link tunnels to track the hacking abilities used by the Chaos Theosis, and that it is the best shot they have. Chief then harrasses another player, and Arbiter interferes, stating that he needs to stop causing problems. Two players then walk by, using bad language. Arbiter then tells the players to tone it down, only to get made fun of by the players. The two then walk away, leaving Arbiter and Chief disappointed about their authority.

Clyde holds a meeting with the other hackers to discuss the OMN's response to his ultimatum. saying that "Plan B is under way" and that all will cease to exist.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO protect yourself from Chaos Theosis
  • HOW TO beat Adam
  • HOW TO suffer from Nintenditis
  • HOW TO toss around homophobic slurs online
  • HOW TO show your parents and grandparents no respect

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Reception Edit

This episode received controversial reception from viewers upon release. The episode had a lot of likes, but many people were unhappy that the episode focused on the members of Chaos Theosis rather than the eponymous characters. Some people suggested skipping the first eight minutes of the episode. However, the reception for this episode has improved since release. Jon himself has stated that he was disappointed by the fan reception of the episode as he considers it to be one of the best that he had made in a long time.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode in the entire show not to feature any live action segments.

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"Chaos Theosis"

"Chaos Theosis"