Season 5, Episode 12 (50)
Air date April 16, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Stag Night
"Man's grandeur lies in its ability to contemplate his own existence. If it's such an immense feat for us, I can't imagine what you must be feeling. You were created for the sole purpose of being drooled on and smashed to pieces by toddlers. That or to collect dust on the shelves of chronic masturbaters. It's debatable whether or not there's something beyond this plain of reality for us. For you there's, literally nothing. It's indisputable. You're just a lump of plastic with some, miraculous short circuit that has somehow sparked conciousness that will one day fizzle out, and that'll be that."
Trent Donnovich, to Arbiter, insulting his existence

Cheaters is the twelfth episode in Season 5 of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

After discovering Trent Donnovich is being unfaithful to Claire (who is to be his bride in less than 24 hours), Arbiter and Master Chief are banned from the ceremony's server and blocked from communicating with Claire in any fashion. The toys must find a way to re-enter the server and stop the wedding before it's too late...

Plot Edit

Arbiter and Master Chief are cornered against a steep cliff by Trent Donnovich and his security, after the duo discovered his affair.

Trent confronting Arbiter & Chief about their discovery of his affair.

Arbiter is angry at Trent for cheating on Claire and ensures him that Claire will find out before the wedding tomorrow. Trent however does not take either of the toys as a threat. Shortly after having Cameron ban Chief for annoying him, Trent reveals to the Arbiter that he knows that he and Master Chief are toys, thanks to Claire informing him. Trent then verbally ridicules Arbiter's existance as a toy, calling him nothing but a piece of plastic that has sparked conciousness with no purpose but to be abused. Shortly after, Trent leaves and has Cody ban Arbiter and has Brian place a server ban on Arbiter and Chief's console from the wedding's server and Claire's profile to ensure they say quiet about his affair.

Now realizing the seriousness of the situation, Arbiter finally agrees with Chief to bring down Trent's wedding for Claire's sake. Unfortunately due to their little credibility by the Halo community and their inability to contact Claire, all hope seems lost for any support in stopping the wedding. Depressed and defeated, Arbiter sits in the tub and drinks alcohol to ease his pain. Master Chief, has a score to settle with Greg.


Chief as he attempts to kill Greg with the roflknife.

Still angry that Greg tied him up and left him in the bathroom during Trent's Stag, Master Chief calls for Greg and falsely apologizes to the spider for his angry outbursts. Hoping to get Greg's hopes up, Chief invites him to play Halo: Reach with him. As Greg prepares to play, Master Chief finds Jon's knife and prepares to dice Greg to pieces. Luckily, Arbiter returns and stops Chief from hurting Greg. Greg, in turn decides to leave, feeling unwanted by Chief and Arbiter (the latter of which Greg overheard a conversation involving him with Claire in the previous episode.) Arbiter pleads Greg to stay, but Greg simply responds "its ok :)" before leaving. Enraged that Chief has driven away his only true friend (besides Claire), Arbiter attacks and knocks Chief out cold.

The next day, a slightly sober Arbiter and Master Chief awaken to find out the wedding is in a few hours and neither of them have a solution to stop or access it. Depressed, the two decide to play Halo: Reach online. During a match, Master Chief runs into Timothy and both he and Arbiter explain their predicament to him. After hearing that Trent is cheating on Claire, Timothy, thinking that it is a serious problem, agrees to help them both by revealing that he used to be part an underground organization of hackers.
Chief and Arbiter with new hacks

Chief & Arbiter with their newly acquired hacks.

As the three depart to the hackers' location, the three are met with oppression by Nathan, the bodyguard of the facility, and their leader. Tense negotiations are made, during which Timothy is perma-banned by Nathan, after being threatened, Arbiter explains their intentions to the hackers and they agree to help, by providing them with a hacked profile, allowing them to bypass the server ban (thanks in part due to Trent making a spelling typo in the wedding guestlist as "Jon GJC") as well as a number of powerful hacks that can ban accounts.

With their fake profile, hacks in place, and the wedding only 20 minutes away, Arbiter and Chief depart from the facility, preparing to crash Trent's wedding.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO piss off Trent Donnovich and get a server ban
  • HOW TO drink your problems away (don't do that)
  • HOW TO be a Canadian psycho
  • HOW TO drive off your spider buddies
  • HOW TO get banned from online multiplayer entirely

Transcript Edit

Main article: Cheaters/Transcript

Trivia Edit

  • Chief's attempt to kill Greg is similar to a scene in the movie American Psycho, where Patrick Bateman, the main character, puts on a coat, grabs an axe and takes some pills while talking about the success of the band Huey Lewis & The News before savagely murdering one of his business partners.
  • 13:37 can be seen on the microwave Chief is sitting on, referencing the "1337" (or "Leet") alternative alphabet.
  • This is the most viewed episode of Season 5.
  • Arbiter refers to Cody and Cameron as "Bulk & Skull" is a reference to the comic relief duo from Power Rangers.

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