Chilling Out
Season Hypermail, Episode 12
Chilling Out
Air date December 17, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Chilling Out is the twelfth and penultimate episode of Hypermail: Season 1.


Master Chief and the Arbiter answer another batch of viewer mail.


The episode begins with the hypermail, but as it starts, Arbiter looks next to him, and finds that Chief isn't there. He starts to look for him, and finds a message where Chief was standing.

From J.Kurayami:

"Dear Chief,

If you freeze yourself in the freezer for thousands of years, lots of Halo games will be released.


Arbiter goes to the freezer, and finds Chief inside. Chief asks Arbiter what year it is, and Arbiter informs him that it is still 2011. Disappointed, Chief comes to join Arbiter.

Arbiter thanks everyone for watching, since both Season 6 and Hypermail have nearly finished.

After that, they answer the mail.

From Nick:

Dear Arbiter,

"I've watched every single season of Arby 'n' the Chief and it's great. The only thing that's holding it down is you. Your the shittiest character of the lot. I hate your voice, I hate your personallity and you just think your the coolest person when really your just a depressed little shit. I mean come on, your only friend was a spider.....that's pretty low. You have way too much dialogue and never give chief a chance to shine his awesomeness. Why can't Jon just kill you off already? Or give chief an opportunity to beat the shit out of you. Honestly answer.

P.S. Chief your the bomb. Your voice is boss and your the best Halo player I've seen. Keep up the good work and keep rolling in the bitches. Sorry to hear about your dick cancer dude, really am.

From Nick" - Chief tells Nick that his dick cancer is gone. Arbiter tells Nick that much of the entertainment lies in Arbiter and Chief's conflict, and that's why Jon hasn't killed Arbiter off.

From Mislav:

"Stop being such a racist, sexist faggot you pussy

- Mislave" - Chief responds by simply saying "no".

After the last Hypermail, Arbiter wishes everyone a merry christmas in advance. Chief says "fuck you".



  • The episode's name comes from the fact that Chief was "chilling" in the freezer.
  • After Nick's mail, Arbiter says that maybe they could try having an episode with just Chief for the finale. It is unconfirmed if this will actually happen yet.

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Hypermail "Chilling Out"

Hypermail "Chilling Out"