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Arbiter and Greg are seen playing Scrabble in the the hallway. The Nutcracker Suite is heard playing.

  • Arbiter: I gotta tell you, Greg. It's great to finally have somewhat of a challenge.
  • Greg: fuck you
  • Arbiter: Hahaha.
  • Greg: lol :)

Arbiter makes his move, making the word "Satan". Greg moves over and changes the letters.

  • Arbiter: Why didn't I think of that?

Greg has changed "Satan" to "Santa".

  • Arbiter: That's awesome.
  • Greg: you're not gonna believe this lol

Greg changes more letters.

  • Arbiter: You just blew my fucking mind!

Greg has made the word "Raindeer" across the board.

  • Arbiter: How did this happen? Fucking miracles. Christmas kicks ass.
  • Greg: lmao
  • Arbiter: Well... a little. just not quite snuffed out yet.

Chief walks up wearing his Christmas vest.

  • Chief: o hai / wat teh fuck r u fagets plehing? scribble? that gaems fucking retarted / can i play?
  • Arbiter: No.
  • Chief: YES
  • Arbiter: No.
  • Chief: YES / sry / pass teh letterz charllette
  • Arbiter: You're not playing! Fuck off! Go play Reach for the hundredth consecutive day.

Chief sits down.

  • Chief: stop beign a butthed
  • Arbiter: What the fuck is that you're wearing? "Squeeze here for Christmas cheer"? At the risk of sounding like you, that's seriously a little gay.
  • Chief: it's fuzzy / :3 [lion face]
  • Greg: ur turn
  • Arbiter: Right.
  • Chief: no mai turn / pass meh teh lettars

Greg just sits there.

  • Chief: pass teh letters u fuckign asshole
  • Arbiter: You need a vocabulary to play this game, Chief. One in which the most complex word doesn't involve anus flapping. You're not an eligible player.

Chief stands up angrily.

  • Chief: fien then / fuck this shit / board gaems r stupid n e way / dum cave man shit / ill b plaign reech fighting teh g00d fite
  • Arbiter: You'll have a present in the morning.
  • Chief: [beat] wat is it?
  • Arbiter: Why do people ask that? You'll find out tomorrow.
  • Chief: just tell meh nao
  • Arbiter: I don't even know what it is. It's not from me. It's from Santa.
  • Chief: thers no such thign as santa, troll
  • Arbiter: No,seriously. I'm not even kidding. Just found it by the door this morning. It must have been Santa.
  • Arbiter: We'll find out in the morning. And one more thing... Season Five? How are we doing?
  • Chief:"ppl still liek us?
  • Arbiter: Some people. Kind of. We've been lame before but I think we're getting better.
  • Greg: can i be in season 5? :)
  • Arbiter: I think we can use all the help we can get, Greg.
  • Chief: 2 hell w/ greg he's creepy as fuck / dont tell meh he doesnt give u teh h33bie j33biez
  • Arbiter: Yeah, but I'm getting over it.
  • Chief: greg y r u so fuckign ugly?
  • Greg: ur ugly inside
  • Arbiter: Blazing.
  • Chief: wats that even m33n? hao cum ur stuped 2? ur ugly and stupid
  • Arbiter: Alright, enough.
  • Chief: imma go 2 bed so i gets mai presint fastar / :) [smiley face]

Chief leaves.

  • Arbiter: Okay, my turn.

Fade to black. A message appears: "Merry X-mas. Get the fuck off Youtube."

The End.