Claire 2.0
Voice Actor Jon Graham (Endgame and In L.A.)
Elizabeth Carr-Ernst (Seasons 5–8)
Gender Female
Affiliations TOSERS (formerly)
Noob Control (formerly)
First Appearance Endgame
Last Appearance Ignition
Status: Alive
Online Status Active
Gamertag Unknown
"It's the fact that you can walk and talk that makes you more. Don't you understand? You and Chief have a conscience. Or maybe just you. It makes you a part of something much bigger, just like the rest of us. We're on the same boat."
— Claire to Arbiter in "Fired Up"

Claire Ferguson (named Claire Redfield in Endgame) is a character in the Arby 'n' the Chief series, and serves as Arbiter's love interest.


Claire is depicted as being an intelligent person, who is also an avid fan of games. She generally opposed players who attacked her friends in game.

Endgame and In L.A. Edit

Arbiter first met Claire during a game of Halo 3 matchmaking. They bonded quickly due to their similar personalties, but Arbiter chose not to tell her his real name out of fear that she would perceive him as a Halo fanatic, and instead fabricated that his name was Jon. They added each other as friends on Xbox LIVE, and shared their MSN accounts.

Claire Endgame

Claire as she appears in Endgame.

They spoke on MSN about the game. In an attempt to change the subject, Arbiter began typing a message asking her if she wanted to play online more often and eventually meet-up in real life. Although he didn't intend to send the message, he accidentally sent it due to Chief surprising him, causing him to unintenionally press the enter button. However, Claire agreed to, and thought it would be great.

When they met online again, they went on an in-game "date" in Halo 3, where they discussed the map's scenery and current events. Claire informed Arbiter of a hacker terrorizing the Halo 3 community, who Bungie had been unable to counter. Arbiter correctly suspected that the hacker was Scott, Jon's new roomate, and accidentally revealed to Claire both that he was harboring a criminal in his house, and that Jon was really the name of his owner. Seeing Arbiter as a liar, Claire decided to leave him. 

Shortly afterwards, Claire had an encounter with Scott during a match, and was cornered by him at the top of the map. However, at that moment, Arbiter and Chief interrupted Scott, having called the police. A Russian agent arrived and killed Scott. Claire overheard the entire series of events, and also found out that the duo are action figures.

With the hacker threat neutralized, Claire decided to locate Arbiter online and forgive him. She also called him brave. Upon learning about the problem with Jon's rent, she offered them a place to stay with her at her house in Los Angeles. Jon accepted this offer.

After Jon arrived at Los Angeles, Claire started a relationship with him, and they found that they had a lot in common. Arbiter accepted that Claire couldn't have a relationship with him and, having grown tired of doing nothing other than playing video games every day, decided to leave her house.

Seasons 5 and 6 Edit

Claire returns in Season 5 as the Arbiter's love interest. She is getting married to Trent Donnovich after they had a short relationship in college, but still retains a good friendship with the Arbiter. She is oblivious to Trent's affair until the Arbiter tells her in the season finale 'Collapse' that Trent was cheating on her with another player. As the Arbiter and Master Chief leave after the wedding is crashed, she approaches Arbiter and thanks him for saving her from getting married. She promises to get in touch with him on the computer in the future before he is banned from the server.

In Genesis Chief makes up that Claire hates Arbiter due to both of them not being to keep contact with each other and Arbiter persuming his time being depressed and drinking, but he does argue to him about it. Claire returns in 'Dough Eyes' revealing she joined TOSERS along with the Arbiter and Master Chief.


Before Arbiter gets a chance to talk to her, he tries to stop Chief from getting pizza so that they won't be seen as toys. After telling the delivery man that they can't pay for it, leaving the man angered, he returns to the game to find Claire, only to discovered she left, due to her being left disappointed after they didn't say anything. Later in 'Fired Up', she reveals that she has mixed feelings towards the Arbiter's wedding crash. She was fragged by Adam in the episode Remission by a grenade. Adam says his "finger slipped." Claire does appear later, talking with Arbiter using the MS software on Jon's computer, she claims that her social networking profiles have been hacked and defaced and a 'package' would be arriving at her house.

She reappears in the finale, The Reunion, where she tells Arbiter that after she was fragged she decided to go out more and met someone who was very nice to her. She then tells Arbiter that she will soon be going on a date with him on the weekend. She also reveals that she won't be online as much as she has been lately (confirmed by the fact that she has to hand in an application to a college or university campus), and says goodbye to Arbiter.

Season 7 Edit

Claire has currently made a one episode return in Crush where she comes back online to Halo Reach after a long period of time. She is first seen playing with a friend as she waits for Arbiter to come online. After Arbiter comes online and frags a player with his clan, Claire joins the same server in an attempt to catch up with him.

The two talk, however Arbiter's new hostile personality takes an aggressive turn when he speaks about what he felt in in Season 5 & 6. Arbiter accuses her of always running to him for help yet hiding whenever he goes through a rough time. Claire however, counters that if he ever reached out then she'd answer his calls, and she mentions how her courses have kept her from playing Halo Reach as of late.

During the conversation, she is frequently insulted by Tyler King, one of Arbiter's new friends. Tyler's insults cause Claire to mock Arbiter on how he was lecturing her on friendship when he was friends with someone as foul-mouthed as Tyler.

This however causes Arbiter to violently reprimand Claire, telling her how Eugene, Colin and Tyler had supported him through a rough time while she left him to his troubles. As a snide remark, he tells her she has no business lecturing him about friends when she was about to foolishly marry a man like Trent.

He then goes on remind her that they lost their online access when they crashed the wedding, and because she knew of their "unique situation" (being toys and therefore unable to socialise outside games), that the access was precious to them, and she still had the nerve to hate him for it anyway.

Claire admits she was not in the right state of mind when she said it and was regretful for saying it. She goes on to admit that Arbiter truly saved her by crashing the wedding and she truly does like him. When Arbiter sarcastically asks if she likes him only as a friend. Claire asks why that could not be enough (to the amusement of Eugene) and is forced to remind Arbiter that indeed, because of his "unique situation" she could only ever like him as a friend and asked what more could he expect from her.

After a moment, Arbiter coldly tells Claire to "Go fuck yourself", to which she hesitantly walks backwards, horrified and betrayed both by Arbiter's callous words, and what's he's become since they last met. Before she can do anything, she's sniped and fragged by Eugene, who claims to a shocked Arbiter that ending his friendship with her gave him the excuse to do so.

Claire appears in the finale, Ignition. She calls out to Arbiter after receiving his apology through e-mail, but once receiving no response on his behalf, she starts to walk away. He comes back from the window and the two initiate a conversation. Claire then expresses her distaste having her console bricked for a second time, but she quickly reaffirms the fact by saying she managed to secure another one from one of her friends for a cheap price. The Arbiter proceeds to apology for his pragmatic behaviour before. He then reassures her that the following event will not occur in the future and that he is not connected with the clan anymore. Claire becomes shocked with the recent events the toys were witnesses of, and the clan's consequent fates. However, the conversation immediately starts to spiral to a dark path once Claire tells the Arbiter that she is still his friend. The figure explains that he is just "tired" and proceeds to speak out his suicidal feelings and addresses it with the point that he has nothing to contribute to society anymore then he should. Claire tells him to stuff that "up his ass". She then tells him that knowing him has shaped her personality and life in a lot of ways, for the better. After apologizing for being a fairweather friend, she tells the Arbiter that everybody deserves a friend and offers him a chance to rekindle their friendship again by playing everyday for a few hours.


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  • At the end of "Endgame" Arbiter and Chief prepare to move to Claire's apartment in L.A, however in season 4 (the following season), they are simply in a new apartment. In season 5, Arbiter meets Claire once again proving "Endgame" was canon, this causes a minor plot hole.
  • Oddly, Claire's last name changed since her first appearance. In Endgame, the credits said her name was Claire Redfield (a homage to Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil franchise). But in Collapse, Brian said her last name was Ferguson.
  • During Endgame Jon Graham uses a voice modifier, in order to obtain a feminine voice for Claire.
  • Claire has a fear of spiders, as revealed in Stag Night.

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