Clash of the Titans
Season LA, Episode 6
LA 6
Air date February 13, 2010
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Ian Beckman
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Clash of the Titans is the sixth episode of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.

Plot Edit

Master Chief and Sonic play Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox, much to Chief's dissatisfaction, demanding to know where Halo 3 is. Meanwhile, the Arbiter and Mario face off. Mario is angry with Halo because, in his eyes, he was the face of video games until the Master Chief stole it from him. The Arbiter defends the first two Halo games, but admits that, after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released, Halo 3 (along with everything else) was "just so 'meh' in comparison." The Arbiter goes on to concede that the Mario games, despite possessing a shallow and repetitive plot, do deliver solid gameplay, and that Mario should still be the face of video games. However, he reignites the argument by saying that Banjo-Kazooie was better than Super Mario 64.

Transcript ​Edit

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Watch the epsiode Edit

"Clash of the Titans"

"Clash of the Titans"

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