Clyde 2.0
Clyde as he appears in Arby 'n' the Chief.
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Chaos Theosis (leader)
Trent Donnovich's Staff
First Appearance Genesis
Last Appearance Alt-Right-Delete
Status: Presumed Deceased
Online Status Fragged
"Technology is evolving at a faster rate than man can keep up with. As each day passes, he gives a little more of himself to the machine. The day is not coming when we become slaves, distracted from the fact of sensory stimulation. That day is here."
— Clyde in Genesis

Clyde is the leader of the cyberterrorist clan Chaos Theosis and serves as a major antagonist in Season 6 of the Arby 'n' the Chief series.


Clyde serves as the secondary antagonist throughout the course of Season Six, and leads the notorious hacker/cyberterrorist group known as Chaos Theosis. Clyde is depicted as being a vicious and intelligent individual, and leads Chaos Theosis with logical and effective tactics, and possibly chose the specific members of the clan by applying to their specific reasonings of attacking Xbox live.



Clyde, finally defeated.

After the disbanding of TOSERS, Arbiter and Master Chief began fragging members of Chaos Theosis one-by-one. Along with Kylie, Clyde betrayed Duncan, who chose to abandon Chaos Theosis after finding out their real motives. Adam and Kylie were both fragged by Arbiter and Master Chief. Clyde was seen arguing over Skype with Kylie about how she was fragged by the Chief. Clyde then informs her that she is not getting any payment for getting fragged by Chief, because he considers Chief to be "the most retarded player on the network". When he hangs up on Kylie, he gets fragged in a surprise assault by Arbiter and Chief, finally putting an end to Chaos Theosis. Master Chief and Arbiter access his account, having found out the password ("pussyjuice"), to find out who he was employed by: Trent Donnovich. However, he wasn't completely out of the picture. He managed to find one of his old consoles, thus having another console and account. After searching for it for 3 hours, he joined a server where Chief and Arbiter were attacking Trent. He stood between Chief and Arbiter while Trent escaped, and battled the two. However, Arbiter managed to frag him with a DMR headshot, much to Chief's delight.


Clyde uses steel and red coloured Elite Officer armor and usually carries a Type 1 Energy Sword (mainly for show) and an M6G Magnum or Type 52 Guided Munitions Launcher . Typically, he sports the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). He sported a Sniper Rifle on The Reunion.


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  • Clyde is similar to but should not be confused with Nathan, a hacker that appeared in the Season 5 episode Cheaters.
  • He calls his spare Xbox 360 console a "Gears of War Special Edition Console" because the optical drive is broken, and when any disc is placed into it, it sounds like a chainsaw (a reference to the Lancer Assault Rifle from the Gears of War series of games).
  • In a behind the scenes video made by Jon, a previous version of the script for "Cradle to Grave" is shown, in which Adam was to be revealed as Clyde's brother. This was cut out from the released episode and is not considered canon.