Cody Halo Reach
Cody, as he appears in Arby 'n' The Chief.
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
First Appearance Night of the Evading Dead
Last Appearance Night of the Evading Dead
Status: Active
Online Status Unknown
Gamertag Unknown

Cody was a kid on Master Chief's friends list.


Cody played with Arbiter and Brent the night before Halloween in an Infection playlist. He complained about the current map, Reflection, and believed his custom map was better. He was killed by Brent (and repeatedly tea-bagged by him) before he could finish complaining.

The next day - or more appropriately - later that morning, he was playing Infection with Brent, Master Chief, and Arbiter. They were put onto his map, in which he was the party leader, and played Infection. He joined up with Arbiter and Chief but temporarily broke from the group to go grab rocket ammo. However, they left him so that they could get to the Falcon. When he finished getting ammo, he realized that the toys had left him, much to his anger. He was then snuck up on and killed by Brent and repeatedly tea-bagged (again). Cody then reappears when Chief attempts to pick Arbiter up in a Falcon. He attempts to destroy the Falcon in revenge for Arbiter and Chief leaving him for Brent to kill him. However, his father comes and forces him off of his Xbox for playing at 6:00 in the morning and spanks him for not going to bed, with Cody crying for him not to.


Cody's behaviour was the same as the other kids throughout the series, although slightly smarter.