Cody Hammond
Cody in action
Cody, as he appears in Arby 'n' The Chief.
Voice Actor Hollywoodangels
Gender Male
Affiliations Trent Donnovich's Staff


First Appearance Duck Love
Last Appearance The Reunion
Status: Active
Online Status Reinstated
Gamertag Unknown

Cody Hammond is a Major League gamer, and one of the top competitive Halo: Reach online players in America.


Cody Hammond is an arrogant player, literally laughing at his opponents when they are killed, and generally dislikes players with perceived low skill, highlighted by their K.D spread in Halo: Reach. He is also sexist and enjoys making fun of children and teenagers that play online games.


Season 5Edit

Cody and his partner, Cameron Jones, were hired by Trent Donnovich to serve as security for the church where his in-game wedding was taking place, being payed an unspecified amount of money.

Cody first met Master Chief during a game of Halo: Reach matchmaking. Cody, along with Timothy criticized Chief's poor skill in retaliation to his provocative behaviour. Cody met Chief again not long after, remaining annoyed by his behaviour. Chief initially challenged Cody to a 1v1 private match, but he later told Cody to bring his friends along too. Cody accepted Chief's challenge, and invited his partner to help him. During the match, Chief failed to get even a single kill, and the duo defeated Chief humiliatingly. Afterwards they both ridiculed Master Chief's terrible skills and left him broken spirited and humiliated.

Later, Cody and his partner met Master Chief again, along with Arbiter, who had been invited for a tour of Trent's church. They were initially hostile, but allowed them to pass when Trent told them to.

Shortly after the tour, and after Arbiter had helped him increase his skill, Master Chief confronted Cody and Cameron and challenged them to a rematch, this time as a tag team alongside Arbiter. With Arbiter and Chief working together, Cameron and Cody seemed to have met their match, but won the rematch by one point by desperately camping.

Cody and Cameron also served as security for Trent's stag, which Arbiter had been invited to. However, after Master Chief had joined the server uninvited, and discovered Trent's affair, Trent ordered Cody to kill Arbiter, and remove him from the server, and also to contact Brian and have Arbiter's connection to the wedding's server disabled and his communications with Claire blocked.

Master Chief and Arbiter managed to join the wedding server through use of a JonGJC gamertag with the help of the Underground Hackers. Cody and Cameron attempted to stop Chief and Arbiter from crashing the wedding, but the toys used cheats to distract them by detonating all of the warthogs in the server and Cody was assassinated by Chief during the distraction. Due to Chief and Arbiter's recently acquired hacks, Cody was banned after being assassinated. Though Cody, along with the rest of Trent's staff, had their bans briefly removed, Greg arrived at the server and banned them all again.

Season 6Edit

Cody and Cameron cut ties with Trent after the wedding was crashed, and decided to join the Terms of Service Enforcement/Response Squad. They joined the server for new recruits, and once again encountered Master Chief there, unpleasently surprised to see him. During the training course, both Cody and Cameron managed to keep a high score during the match. However, Chaos Theosis attacked the server. While Cameron was fragged by Clyde, Cody, along with Chief and Arbiter, was saved by a group of TOSERS moderators, and went on to become a moderator.

During Chaos Theosis' attack on the main TOSERS server, Cody piloted a falcon, with Cameron, who was playing split-screen with him on Cody's console, using the machine gun. Their falcon was shot down by Duncan, and both were fragged.

After Master Chief and Arbiter stopped Chaos Theosis from taking down the Online Multiplayer Network, Cody and Cameron's accounts were restored, along with the accounts of all the other players banned by Chaos Theosis. Cody, along with Cameron and Kevin, complimented Chief and Arbiter for what they did.


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Cody's armor on Halo: Reach normally consists of: the HAZOP Helmet, UA Multi-Threat shoulders, HP/HALO Chest piece, Default wrist piece, Default utility, Default visor color, and default knee guards. But in Rock Bottom he is seen wearing CQC Helmet and JFO shoulders. His primary color is white and his secondary color is brick on both accounts.


  • It is interesting to note that during Duck Love, Cody and Cameron had their armors reversed (but they still had their respective colors: red and blue). However, it was only for that episode.
  • In Hard End, during the TOSERS skill evaluation match, Cody wields a Shotgun and Grenade Launcher. Though in the succeding episode, he once again wields is trademark Shotgun and Rocket Launcher. This could be just an oversight, however.

a Player with the exact same voice as cody is seen in an episode in season 7, this player was in a team deathmatch wearing blue armor when Eugene Black's clan attacked the server and fragbanned everybody on it. It is unknown whether this player is actually Cody or is just an overlook in production.