Colin Hunt
Colin Hunt frags a player
Voice Actor Bruce Greene
Gender Male
Affiliations Eugene Black's Clan
First Appearance Reapers
Last Appearance The Big Bang
Status: Alive (Incarcerated)
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Unknown
"We're all a little fucked. "
— Colin in "Descent"

Colin Hunt was the secondary antagonist of season 7


Unlike Eugene and Tyler, Colin is shown to be more level-headed, calm and (being a Homebrew engineer) is very intellectual. Whereas Tyler and Eugene are seen harassing other players or misleading them, Colin is usually very quiet and keeps to himself while in an in-game match and does not tolerate Eugene's short patience or attitude. Colin is also very stern about his role in Eugene's clan and does not tolerate disobedience when he gives orders.

However despite his mature attitude, Colin's general nature is unsettling and he is shown to be very paranoid once his software begins being used by the clan and is shown to be short of patience with anyone that talks to him. For this reason, unlike Eugene and Tyler, he finds both Arbiter and Master Chief to be a great nuisance. He is also frequently shown to be extremely arrogant and self-important.

It is later revealed that Colin is a pedophile, as evidenced by him goading under aged children online into joining private IRC servers to socialize. This explains his overall unsettling nature and Michelle's atmosphere around him. It was also revealed by Colin that he had gotten himself into legal trouble, possibly due to his pedophilia, and was saved thanks to Eugene's connections, which ultimately may be what made him join Eugene's clan in the first place.

Season 7Edit

Colin was one of the co-moderators of Eugene Black's clan, alongside Tyler King, as well as a homebrew and software engineer. Several years prior, Colin was involved in a legal issue, which was dissolved due to the actions of Eugene's clan, which is what lead to Colin trusting Eugene. 

After the Online Multiplayer Network was updated after Chaos Theosis attempted to bring down the network using Fragban, Colin attempted to create an updated version for use by the clan. While it was being developed, he referred to it to Eugene as his "project".

When Colin finally finished the development of Fragban, he presented it to Eugene and Tyler, explaining every detail about it to them. He then uploaded the file to a secure server which Eugene could download it from, and would have to provide another copy to Tyler using a USB. Along with Eugene, though not Tyler, he then immediately proceeded to wreak havoc over Xbox LIVE with it. 

However, Colin became worried that if the program could be tracked, the response from law enforcement would be severe. He told Eugene he would regulate its use until knowledge of the program's security. When Tyler refused to stop using it, Colin threatened to ban him, if he did not comply, also informing Tyler that he didn't trust him.

After the incident with Tyler, Colin told Eugene that he would allow nobody else beyond the trio to use Fragban. However, at that moment, Arbiter and Master Chief, who Eugene had already told of Fragban, even offering them a copy, arrived at their server at that precise moment, to tell Eugene they had decided to use it. Colin didn't trust them, and decided to ban them. Eugene convinced him not to do it, by reminding Colin that he still owed Eugene for his help years ago. Later, Colin told Eugene of a plan to ban both the Arbiter and Master Chief by surprise, but was talked out of it by Eugene once again.

When Colin was confident that they couldn't be tracked, he allowed the others to freely use Fragban, after which they proceeded to begin a banning spree across the network.

Six weeks later, the clan targeted an online in-game funeral for a player called blumpkinbeast666. Ten minutes before the funeral began, Eugene and Colin's server was infiltrated by Brody and Kyle, two players from Eugene and Tyler's school who wanted revenge on them for an incident earlier, and had acquired Colin's Fragban software by making a copy from Tyler's USB without him knowing. They tried to frag Eugene and Colin by assassinating them, but Colin noticed them despite their use of active camoflague, and, after they retreated, Colin questioned Eugene on who they could be. Eugene figured out that they were Brody and Kyle, and decided to try to get Fragban out of their hands after the funeral.

The clan then entered the funeral. While Eugene distracted the moderators, Colin fragged one of them. The rest of the clan proceeded to crash the funeral by fragging everyone attending it, while Colin fragged the remaining moderators.

Over time, Colin gained some degree of respect for Arbiter, though he still disliked Master Chief and considered him to be a moron. During a match, Arbiter asked Colin what Eugene meant when he convinced him to spare Arbiter and Chief a month and a half ago. Colin told Arbiter of Eugene's actions years ago, though without going into detail about what legal trouble he was in.

Some time afterwards, Colin met a nine year old boy online, and gave him his email, telling him "I think the world of you, and I feel we have a connection that's very special." and "I'm eager to learn more about you.". Master Chief observed their conversation, and concluded that Colin is a pedophile, which he told Arbiter.

Chief, however, managed to get Colin's messenger credentials from the boy, and posed as him to frame him. With the information, Arbiter and Chief called the police.

When Arbiter and Chief returned online with the new Xbox that they ordered, they confronted the clan. Colin managed to corner them with his sniper rifle while contacting Eugene, but at that moment his house was raided by the police and he was arrested. The Arbiter then fragged him with a plasma shot and his DMR rifle while a police officer was in the middle of reading his Miranda Rights to him.

In episode 24 of season 7, it was later speculated by Aribter that since he was a "white introverted, software nerd and a kid fucker" he would most likely be sold as a "cell bitch for a pack of smokes." This seemed to be confirmed when Arbiter was informed by Tyler in person later in the season.


  • In The Big Bang, his armor has taken a change of color. This can be spotted in several scenes.