Company - Part 2
Season 3, Episode 11 (23)
Company 2
Air date May 2, 2009
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Company (Part Two) is the eleventh episode of Season 3 of Arby 'n' the Chief. It is the first episode of the series to credit Jon Graham as "Jon CJG" instead of "DigitalPh33r"

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The foundations of Master Chief and the Arbiter's machinima production company have been constructed as well as the script for Master Chief's film, but tempers flare when Master Chief begins to prioritize his own power and status over the important things about the filmmaking that attracted Arbiter to the project in the first place.

Plot Edit

This episode continues from Company - Part 1. Chief is sitting in a room with a sign saying "DO NOT DISTREB" on the door. Arbiter knocks on the door and walks in, ignoring the sign, to see what Chief is doing. He tells Arbiter that he is doing work, but doesn't appear to actually be doing any. Arbiter tells him that eventually, some work has to be done. Chief agrees, and tells him to get to work or he is fired. Arbiter drags Chief to help him make the movie. Later, one of the phones in the house rings. Arbiter answers it. It turns out to be Chief, who has a non-disclosure agreement for Arbiter to sign. Arbiter refuses to sign it.
Company part 2

Chief declares himself boss.

Chief sends him another document to sign, this one stating that Arbiter will sign the non-disclosure agreement or face federal charges. Arbiter gives them to Chief, apparently having signed them. However, he says that he is resigning. Arbiter leaves after telling him that his company has become a mountain of legal jargon and Chief's ego. Chief meets his two actors from before, and claims that he is pleased with them for being early. They then say that they're quiting. They consider the script for the movie the most retarded script ever. They also heard from Arbiter about Chief's ego. So they leave. Chief checks Arbiter's signed documents, finding out that the second document has FUCK written on it, and the first has YOU written on it.

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Arby 'n' the Chief - S3E11 - "Company Part II"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S3E11 - "Company Part II"