Cortana is one of the main protagonists of the Arby 'n' the Chief series. She has relationships with a few characters in the series.

Master ChiefEdit

Despite Chief's obvious crush on her in Season 2, Cortana believes he is nothing more than a "sexist pig", Cortana and Chief never saw eye to eye, and the two occasionally argue about certain ordeals, most of which are sexist beliefs. In Season 6, she still doesn't like Chief, though not as much so as in Season 2. By Season 7, they are constantly bickering with each other. Chief then accidentally burns Cortana to death in Heat. Later on in the season, while Cortana "haunts" Chief, both characters begin to tolerate each other more and more to the point of Cortana saying that Chief may indeed be a good person, Eventually, in "Game Over" Chief confesses his love to her. However, by the time he did say, Cortana's "ghost" had already left Chief alone in the bathroom.

The ArbiterEdit

Although the two were never seen talking much together, Arbiter and Cortana were both considered "acquaintances" and were on good terms, but never really friends. Evident by Cortana refering to Arbiter simply as just an "alien" when she was with Todd. As of Season 6, Cortana seems to view Arbiter as a friend.


Developing a relationship with Todd, the two dated for some time behind Chief's back. After a while, Chief discovered that they were dating and set on a mission to find and kill Todd once and for all. Cortana respects her relationship with Todd, kicking Chief in the groin when she learned he was trying to kill Todd.


Travis and Cortana never even talked to each other at all throughout the series. Though she did call he and Chief "homophobes" after the two had called each other "gay" in Arby 'n' the Chief: The Movie.


Cortana seems to like Greg as a friend. She also doesn't seem to be repulsed by his appearance at all, unlike Master Chief and Arbiter.