Cradle to Grave
Season 6, Episode 10 (61)
Cradle to Grave Episode Photo
Air date November 5th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Life is what it is. From cradle to grave."
Arbiter to Adam during their final confrontation.

Cradle to Grave is the tenth episode in the sixth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief and the Arbiter, having pinned up mugshots of each member of the Chaos Theosis clan on the apartment's front door (their "shit list"), label each with their gamertags and settle on tracking and taking out the youngest member of the clan first, Claire's killer -- Adam.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Adam facing off against his friends on a custom game that resembles a race track. After Adam wins, he rubs his victory in the faces of his friends, insulting them with "mom jokes" (despite one of them having a deceased mother). Adam's mother returns and finally breaks down, demanding to know what she can do so that way Adam would behave, even reminiscing the days when Adam was younger and more polite. Rather than understanding her position, Adam rudely dismisses her for sounding weak and blaming her weak judgment for his father leaving her. Appalled by what Adam's done, his friends and the host stand up to him stating that he should show his mother more respect. However, not only does Adam refuse to listen, he threatens to ban them all as well, insulting them in the process.

The Arbiter vs Adam

Arbiter and Adam: face to face.

Meanwhile, Arbiter and Master Chief have compiled the information and gamer tags of all the members of Chaos Theosis. Chief asks why they weren't killed in the servers, and Arbiter states that they were evenly matched, and while they could have killed them, they would have lost at least one of them, and they were not willing to lose any manpower in what was coming. Despite his common sense telling him to start off with Clyde while deciding who to kill first, his grudge against Adam for killing Claire gets the best of him and begins his hunt against them -- starting with Adam.

Adam is then seen banning a player who believes he's bluffing and proceeds to bully an impudent but cautious player by forcing him into pleading for his account and saying that Adam was "super awesome". Before going back on his word and preparing to ban the player, Arbiter arrives and distracts Adam, causing the player who was being bullied to find an opening and escape, with Adam firing a rocket after him, but missing. Adam frustratingly says that he was sick and tired of running into the toys all the time, to which Arbiter replies "Pot, meet kettle. And no, I'm not referring to 'da chronic'". Adam was shocked to find out the toys knew their tags, and Arbiter says that he was unfortunate to figure out the tag. Arbiter then asks what Adam did with his free time, to which Adam replies that he was a "bad gangster-ass mothafucka", which annoys Arbiter. Adam then makes a crude mother remark to Arbiter, who states that Adam is "the human version of Chief". As Chief sneaks up behind Adam, the latter catches on and manages to get away after deploying a Drop Shield.

Arbiter and Chief - Cradle to Grave

The confrontation.

Arbiter and Master Chief then confront Adam on his custom race track game and a firefight in the parking lot ensues, with Adam managing to escape via Mongoose. After a brief arguement over who drives, a chase across the track between the duo and Adam occurs, with the toys managing to destroy Adam's ride and leaving Adam cornered against the edge of the track with no escape. Adam desperately demands the host from before to kick both Arbiter and Master Chief, but due to the toys' hacks, he is unable to do so. Chief then calls Adam's mother a whore, to which Adam replies that his mother was retarded too. Arbiter then asks if that was Adam's opinion of his mother, to which Adam replies that he never asked to be here. Arbiter then tells him that life was what it was, from cradle to grave. Adam then tells his friend to shoot the duo with him. However, the host, having enough of Adam's obnoxious behavior, refuses. An angry Adam then prepares to kill the toys.

Suddenly, Adam's mother returns. Finally having enough of Adam's uncontrollable behavior and believing there was no alternative, she brings a corrections officer and the police force, ready to take Adam to a correctional facility.

At first, Adam has no idea what was happening, but after catching on, Adam starts to break down crying, pitifully and desperately begging with his mother for forgiveness in the process; however she refuses to do so, saying that she had tried everything. He then cries for Arbiter, Chief, and the host who are present to support him against the police, but they all refuse too, with Arbiter saying that his trip to the correctional facility would be good for him in the long run. Outnumbered and defeated, Adam is forcefully taken away, screaming that his mother would pay for this one day, and that he hoped she'd die in a fire. With Adam no longer in control of his console, Arbiter remarks "How fitting for 'Puff Da Chronic' to go up in smoke" and bans his profile, with Chief teabagging his corpse.

The duo leaves, with one member of Chaos Theosis banned, and Claire's fragging avenged.

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Episode How-tos Edit

  • HOW TO treat your friends and family like garbage.
  • HOW TO come up with spectacularly moronic gamertags.
  • HOW TO deliver a chronic ass-kicking.
  • HOW TO troll people online.
  • HOW TO deal with out-of-control children.

Reception Edit

Many viewers responded universally to the episode, unanimously praising Adam's banning and defeat. Many applauded Adam's defeat as the perfect way for the character to go out.

Trivia Edit

  • A Director's Commentary version of this episode was released on November 11th
  • According to the first part of the behind the scenes video posted by Jon CJG, the original climax of the episode involved Adam's friends surrounding Arbiter and Chief as they close in on him, but Arbiter manages to turn them against Adam by berating him. Adam was also going to being sent to military school instead of juvy after being verbally set straight by his returning grandmother, whom Adam refused to see in Chaos Theosis when she was dying.
  • Also seen in the behind the scenes video was a premature script in which Clyde becomes enraged at the end of the episode after he is told by Duncan and Kylie that Adam has been banned. It is during this scene that it would be revealed that Clyde and Adam were brothers.

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"Cradle to Grave"

"Cradle to Grave"

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