Craig during his match with Chief.
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
First Appearance Professional
Last Appearance Showdown
Status: Alive
Online Status Unknown
Gamertag Unknown
"This guy's such a loser. He's not even MLG like I am."
— Craig

Craig is a Major League Gamer, and a former friend of Master Chief on Xbox LIVE.


Craig is very egotistical and arrogant, actually exhibiting sexual arousal about his own grandiose delusions of success. Simply because he is an MLG, he believes himself to be one of the best Halo 3 gamers on the network. According to Chief, he argues with his parents and doesn't clean his bedroom, making him seem badass to Chief.

Season 3Edit

Craig met Master Chief over Xbox LIVE and pretended to be his friend, but secretly hated him because he wasn't an MLG. Chief introduced Arbiter to Craig when he came online, and Craig also introduced the duo to his girlfriend, Krystal. Arbiter quickly figured out that Craig was simply a poser.

Later in the day, Craig and his friends made fun of Chief (and called Arbiter a "cockmongling queef burger"), driving him to tears. Arbiter confronted Craig, demanding that he apologize for what he said about both Chief and Arbiter. Craig agreed to, but only if Chief could defeat Craig in a match of Halo 3 slayer. Seeing no alternative, Arbiter agreed on this deal.

The following day, Chief and Craig's match took place, on the map Blackout. The arbiter at first didnt believe in chief's ability to defeat craig, so he tricked Chief into looking at a beer can that said "non-alcoholic". The arbiter then took his chance and disconnected Chiefs controller and connected his own. He then started playing the game for chief (while Chief was completley unaware). After a couple of deaths, Chief said that he needed more beer, when he got up to get more he noticed that his avatar was still moving and looked behind a pillow and to his dismay discovered that Arbiter had been playing the whole time. Chief which is is very upset runs away. Arbiter then convinces Chief that he can do it and beat Craig. During the match, Craig used tactics such as gathering the power weapons and grenades,and then camping. Craig then gained the upper hand, and celebrated - by masturbating - and was caught by his parents. Master Chief managed to defeat him while he was arguing with his parents. When Craig realized what had happened, he cried, believing that nobody would think he was cool anymore because he lost to a "noob".


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