Dear Jon
Season LA, Episode 1
LA 1
Air date November 20, 2009
Written by Ron Campbell
Directed by TC Harrison
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Dear Jon is the first episode of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A..

Plot Edit

In Claire's house in California, the Chief is attacking one of his teammates solely because he has Recon as well. The Arbiter tells him that soon everybody will have Recon, so this is pointless; predictably, however, the Chief does not accept this fact and ridicules the Arbiter for still waiting for Claire to return. Claire and Jon return, and Jon goes to take a shower. Claire attempts to apologize to the Arbiter about how she is going out with Jon, but the Arbiter insists that it is okay and that he understands why she would not want to date him. Claire thanks the Arbiter and follows Jon.

The Arbiter is frustrated because, ever since they arrived in California, he and the Chief have literally been doing nothing but sitting on the sofa and playing the same video games over and over. He decides to leave the house and go outdoors in search of adventure. The Chief follows.

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Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how the Arbiter and the Chief were able to travel around L.A without people noticing they are alive.

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"Dear Jon"

"Dear Jon"