"Dear Jon" "Walking in LA" →
Viewer discretion warning is shown. Opening credits roll.

The episode starts with a yellow Spartan in-game player fleeing from the camera, which seems to be in pursuit of him. After the brief chase, the yellow player is cornered in a room, and proceeds to speak.

  • Yellow Player (Distressed Tone): Leave me alone! I’m your teammate! What do you want!?

Camera switches to the entity chasing the Yellow Player, who happens to be Chief.

  • Chief:: THER CANZ BE NLY 1

Chief then proceeds to teamkill the Yellow Player with an energy sword.

The scene changes to multiple movie shots of Hollywood, first showing the Airport, the Freeway, the Hollywood sign and finally Jon’s house. The camera zooms into a front window, where the Arbiter is standing and looking out.

  • Chief:: dont b such a puzzy

Camera switches to Chief chasing yet another teammate with an energy sword.

  • Chief:: gte bak her THER CANZ BE NLY 1
  • Arbiter:: Maybe Chief you should accept the fact that Recon armor isn’t that special anymore. Everyone will have it eventually.
  • Chief:: No.
  • Arbiter:: Okay. Don't cry to ME when you get banned for harassing other players.
  • Chief:: STFU nad goz bak 2 watign 4 ur smuchy 2 cumz hoem
  • Arbiter:: You wouldn't understand.
  • Chief:: Boohoo / klare goz outsid with jon nad nto u
  • Arbiter:: Shut up.

Arbiter proceeds to sit next to Chief in order to play split-screen with him.

  • Chief:: ur balz fnilay dropd / MAZEL TOV

Keys rattle in the background, before the sound of a door being unlocked and opened is heard.

  • Arbiter:: I don't want to hear it.

Claire and Jon laugh in the background.

  • Jon:: I'm gonna go jump in the shower, okay?

Claire sits next to Arbiter and Chief.

  • Claire:: Hey guys.
  • Chief:: hye
  • Arbiter:: Hello, Claire.
  • Claire:: So, did... you guys have fun today?
  • Arbiter:: Sure. We've just been sitting here playing Halo all day - again. It sounds like you and Jon had a good time again too.
  • Claire:: Yeah, we have a lot in common.

Sad piano music begins to play.

  • Chief: imz going 2 b sik
  • Claire: Arbiter, I-
  • Arbiter: Claire. It's okay. I understand it must be difficult to have a relationship with someone you can't... Someone like me.
  • Jon (in background): Claire! Hurry up!
  • Claire: It's not you, Arbiter. There's just... things that Jon and I can do together that...
  • Arbiter: It's okay.
  • Claire: Are you sure?
  • Arbiter: GO.
  • Claire: Thanks. You're the best.

Claire stands up and begins jogging away.

  • Claire:: I'm coming Jon!
  • Jon:: Not fast enough!

Arbiter proceeds to stand up and walk to the open doorway, where he stands and stares out into the open world.

  • Chief: Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy / uz kant go out ther
  • Arbiter: Why not? We've moved to another city in another country and all we ever do is sit on the sofa and play the same stupid games all day. I'm ready for some change.
  • Chief: Not me.
  • Arbiter: Then stay here. (Proceeds to walk out.)

The camera, perceived as Chief's sight, turns away from the doorway and looks towards the couch, where the xbox controller and headset rest. It then turns back to the doorway, then back to the couch, then finally back to the doorway, before the camera switches back to where Chief is in view.

  • Chief: chagn sux

Chief then proceeds to walk out the door, following Arbiter.

Credits roll. The end.