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Flash-forward Edit

[all of the flash-forward is in black and white]

[shot of alarm clock displaying 5:11; then Jon's bedroom; then the kitchen, his TV and Sega Genesis with The Lion King inserted, and a couple of remotes on the dresser holding the TV]

[shot of Jon's other TV with Halo: Reach turned on, a player approaching; shot of the chair with only the headset and controller on it]

PLAYER: Hey, don't hurry back or anything. We're outnumbered and barely losing but that's okay, because, you know, I fork out my arm and leg every year to be anchored with dead weight. You're here in spirit and that's what matters, right? [chuckles] What a bang for my buck.

[shot of the doors to the bathroom and closet; then the "Danger" sign]

Chief dead

[pan left to lower half of Master Chief's plastic corpse lying on the floor]

[shot of the hall; wood chippings on the floor; pan upwards, revealing two bullet holes on the apartment door with blood coming out of them; shot of mailslot with blood stains]

[Arbiter is standing by the open window in the living room]


ARBITER: There's nothing left for you here. You've never belonged. You're a freak. You've contributed nothing. This is what you deserve. This also happens to be your ticket to salvation. You're a lucky motherfucker to have this opportunity. Just a couple of terrifying seconds in exchange for bliss. Now that's a fucking bargain. Don't think about it, just do it. Come on, you fucking pussy. You worthless, plastic [bleep]. Do it. Fucking do it. Now.

Scene 1: Two weeks earlier Edit

[cereal on the floor, Barbie Doll with cereal on her back, "Kansas City (Winter Face Remix)" is playing on Jon's mobile phone]


[Chief sniffs some cereal]

CHIEF: FUCK/ and that was 1 sw33t bump [Chief turns the music off] kicks liek a butthurt server admin w/ a tickled anus/ u a bad enuff dude 2 t00k 1?

ARBITER: I wish.


Descent - partying hard

ARBITER: Not here. Later, by the window. We'll set off the alarm. Feels good not to give a single fuck anymore.

CHIEF: nao they'res a f33l i knew, bro/ and the gud tiems will only gots way moar better from h33r

[brief cut to the Guy Fawkes mask]

CHIEF: hay, arbitur./ u no that 1 masks in the corners of the r00m?/ u no?/ does u no it?

ARBITER:Yes, Chief. I know it.

CHIEF: is it 'grey fox' or 'gay f0x'? id sae teh latter of teh 2 judgign by thoes rosey a$$ ch33ks butt he doesnt l00k liek a fox @ all

ARBITER: You're all mixed up. That's clearly a liquid snake mask. [beat] Guy Fawkes. A member of a group of provincial english catholics famous for the failed assassination of a seventeenth century king.

CHIEF: u >:|? { serious face } hao hard is it 2 held down rite bumper 4 fucks sakes?

ARBITER: Wasn't that simple. He was given responsibility for a gunpowder stockpile in the cellar under the upper house of the United Kingdom's parliment building.

CHIEF: Was he gonna maed it asplode?

ARBITER: I suppose gunpowder has a limited number of uses. Though I suppose, you'd try snorting it into your head, wouldn't you?

CHIEF: it offends meh taht ud feels teh n33d 2 axe taht quest chin / im not even gonna dignified it w/ a respond

ARBITER: I should offend you more often.

CHIEF: wat kind of a naems is guy 4 a 'guy' n e way? we get it ur a guy

ARBITER: Anyway, the cellar was investigated by the authorities and the explosives discovered before the plan could be executed. They were tipped off anonymously.

CHIEF: by who?

ARBITER: I don't fucking know.


ARBITER: Fawkes was tortured into divulging his groups intent. To avoid a slow execution, he jumped from the scaffolding that he was supposed to be hung from.

CHIEF: was he k?

ARBITER: ...Yes, Chief. Luckily his neck broke his fall. His likeness became symbolic of one or more individuals without identities work towards a common goal.

CHIEF: kinda liek us?

ARBITER: Kind of. The difference being that goals of the individuals behind the masks were noble.

[they look at each other]

Scene 2: Forge World Edit

[two spartan players are seen together, one red and one light blue]

PLAYER 1: I gotta be blunt man. You gotta get a handle on your temper if we're gonna keep playing together. I'm getting real tired of you constantly blown up, clear out of the blue.

[the two spartans are then blown up by an unseen force]

[a Scorpion Tank is seen being driven out of a cave at is seen nearby; Tyler is driving it as Eugene walks beside him]

TYLER: I spent my entire fucking day scoping Kyle's house. Only saw his parents come and go.

EUGENE: Same thing on my end. Brody never stepped outside once. Him and Kyle have probably barricaded themselves in their bedrooms, fucking fairies. They've gotta either turn up online or step outside at some point.

TYLER: I'm gonna tear their fucking throats out when they do!

EUGENE: The goal is getting Fragban out of their hands, we can't do that ourselves. They've gotta be convinced into handing it to us along with every known duplicate. We can't resort to violence. Not immediately.

[another spartan is seen driving on a Mongoose for a while; he is shot in the head by a sniper, who is revealed to be Colin, perched on a mountainside; Arbiter walks over to talk to him]

ARBITER: Hell of a shot. You should take a page from Michelle's book. Play for cash. You'd make a killing.

COLIN: [turns and sees Arbiter, then turns away] That last place you want to find yourself is in my sights.

[Colin turns to see Master Chief in front of him]

CHIEF: hai  /  ^_^

COLIN: Jesus

CHIEF: goddammit dude  /  ur, liek, the goat sniper of all tiems  /  /all the goats, the whole herd  /  as a mattress of fax, ur probably the most sniper ive ever saw  /  how the hell did u gots so fucking gosu at this gaem?  /  or 'goatsu', mirite?  /  LOL  /  can u t33ched me 2 sniped bitches as better as u?

ARBITER: Chief --

CHIEF: pls  /  plex  /  pl0x  /  plix?  /  plax?  /  plux?

ARBITER: Do what you will with the vowels -- but please, spare the consonants.

COLIN: Shut up, now. You're a complete moron, get the fuck out of my face.

[Chief stops jumping and backs away, then runs away]


COLIN: Fucking hell!


COLIN: May I ask why you befriended that mongoloid? Granted Eugene, Tyler, and I have achieved some form of stability despite our diverse personalities, but yourself and Master Chief strike me as polar opposites.

ARBITER: Neither of us really had a choice in the matter. Circumstance threw us together. Kept us together. Forced us to dig for friends in one another. Even if they weren't to be found. The only thing worse than being around him is being alone.

COLIN: I can respect that. Though I pity the shit out of you for the fact that your selection of company begins and ends with somebody whose smarts can be put to shame by a fucking glass of water.

ARBITER: Don't remind me.

[cut to Arbiter and Chief sitting on the couch]

CHIEF: im rite h33r, u fucking assholes

[cut to Arbiter and Colin online]

ARBITER: Mind if I ask you something? What made you spare Chief and myself when you were on the verge of bricking us a month and a half back? Eugene said that you owed him something.

COLIN: The tentacles of this clan have a reach that would probably shock you. On occasion, it still baffles me. Years ago, I found myself in a rather concerning legal snafu that dissolved, thanks to Eugene and his faceless army. That's as far as I wanna go into that.

ARBITER: Fair enough.

[cut to Tyler and a random player in a cave]

TYLER: Any final words before I stick this shogun up your ass and limit your evening activities of furious mastrubation?

PLAYER 2: You talk big from the comfort of your mother's basement, But I'd kick the living shit out of you if we were to meet in person, you fucking punk. Guaranteed. How much can you bench? Do you even lift, bro?

TYLER: What the fuck do you just say? [a dog is heard barking over his microphone] Goddamnit Charlie! Shut your fucking trap before I beat the shit out of you! 

[the other player covers under a Bubble Shield; starts running away]

TYLER: Son of a bitch! Get the fuck back here!

[Tyler starts chasing the player; his dog is still heard; when Tyler exits the cave, the player is nowhere to be found]

TYLER: Motherfucking cocksucking fu-- [notification sound is heard; Tyler falls silent and immobile]

COLIN: And another controller rage-broken. I've been counting. That marks seventeen that he's gone through now. I kid you not. The guy's a fucking maniac. Neither he nor Eugene would appreciate it, but I could tell you stories about Tyler that would make your hair stand on end. [beat] I suppose that I could say the same for the clan as a whole. We've done some wild shit. Some of which that Eugene's come up with has been nothing short of staggering. [beat] We're all a little fucked.

Scene 3: Bathroom Edit

[shot of the window, then the bathroom door opened]

CHIEF: fuck me / as far as shitty mornings went, this 1 rly t00k the 3.14s

[he stands on the toilet and starts urinating]

CHIEF: well, if it isnt my old resident evil 3 -- the hangover piss boner / WE MEAT AGAIN / UR L00KING WELL / A D33P AND HEALTHY ORANGE, THATS ALWAYS GUD 2 C [he misses the toilet] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO / GODDAMMIT / MUST MAINTAINED CONTROLS

Descent 5

CORTANA [standing by the sink]: Rough morning?

[Chief rapidly turns to her]

[silent credits]