Digital Fruitcakes
Season 4, Episode 9 (34)
Digital fruitcakes
Air date October 16, 2010
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Digital Fruitcakes is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief challenges the Arbiter to a competitive match in Halo: Reach, Chief teamed up alongside his team of "noobs", who all exploit anything they can to win.

Plot Edit

Master Chief is seen breaking the fourth wall by insulting the audience, calling them pathetic and proclaiming that his friends' list is maxed out. He then introduces 3 of them in which them and he are part of a clan, known as "mai n00bz." They consist of Todd, Kyle, and Tucker, armor ability loving players whom are all as junvenile as Master Chief in gaming.

  • Todd (a.k.a. SoccerKid01) spams by using his Jetpack
  • Kyle (a.k.a. karmapolice) spams by camping and cloaking
  • Tucker (a.k.a. KingBoo666) spams by using grenades and holograms
  • Master Chief uses Armor Lock.

As Chief is playing a game, Arbiter (whom has now escaped from the closet) demands to play after Chief has played for hours. Master Chief challenges Arbiter to face off against his clan, with a wager of being able to play Xbox 360 for a week while the loser does not. Arbiter confidently agrees. Despite the odds obviously stacked against him, Arbiter easily takes down every member of Master Chief's clan (pointing out each of their flaws) by using only a Magnum and Sprint and takes down Master Chief with ease, getting a bit of revenge for locking him in the closet.

After the credits, Arbiter gives a shout out to Bungie for Halo: Reach's success. Master Chief however is disappointed that they were not featured in Halsey's Office.

Cast Edit

Reception Edit

The episode received an extremely positive response from fans. Jon Graham regards it as one of his own personal favourite episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Master Chief's introduction and opening is a parody to the film "Clockwork Orange."
  • Master Chief's opening dialogue "HELLO I AM MASTUR CHEEF LOLOLOLOLOLOL" is a throwback to his first line in Master Chief Sucks at Halo.
  • This the first episode in the series to feature a different title opening.
  • This is the first time Arbiter is seen playing Halo: Reach.
  • In the episode "The Mail Room," Arbiter reveals that this episode (as well as Wedding) are his favorite episodes.
  • The true names of Master Chief's friends, Todd, Kyle, and Tucker is a reference to the skit "Guys Named Todd" by Comedian, George Carlin.
  • Master Chief mistakenly sites that Tucker's Gamertag: "KingBoo666" is named after a Ghost from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, when in reality, King Boo originated from the Super Mario Bros series, in the game "Luigi's Mansion." Interestingly, there is a Ghost who is a part of the Sonic series known as "King Boom Boo," but due to their more specific names and Chief's ignorance of other games besides Halo, the reference goof was most likely intentional.

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Arby 'n' the Chief - S4E09 - "Digital Fruitcakes"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S4E09 - "Digital Fruitcakes"