Dough Eyes
Season 6, Episode 4 (55)
Air date July 30th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Dough Eyes is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

After Arbiter catches Master Chief making a mysterious phone call, the two set out to moderate Halo: Reach online play as newly recruited TOSERS.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Chief on the phone, holding Jon's credit card. Chief asks how long it's going to take, and the man on the phone says it'll take about 45 minutes. Chief then says to make it 10 minutes and "hurry the fuck up" before throwing the phone. Arbiter walks into the room and asks if Chief just called somebody, and Chief denies it. Arbiter goes on to ask who Chief called, and he feigns ignorance as Arbiter notices a roll of duct tape laying on the floor with strips of the tape rolled into bands. After Arbiter continues to question Chief, he finally says he may have called somebody, saying his name was "nunyar fucking business". Arbiter then states that it is his business, saying that Chief cannot make calls, with Chief stating he can call anyone at anytime. Arbiter warns Chief of reprecussions if he does it again, and Chief promises he won't do it again.

Chief then asks if Arbiter wants to play Halo, saying that he has been practicing. Arbiter questions this, and Chief pretends he is a TOSER asking people to "freeze" and "get down on the fucking ground". Arbiter sarcastically praises Chief's performance before asking how people can get on the ground, since they can only crouch, saying it is pretty stupid, followed by Chief saying that Arbiter is stupid before beckoning him over to the couch. Arbiter looks back at the phone and duct tape and asks who Chief called. The title screen appears.

Arbiter and Chief are in the Basic Division admin's office as he congratulates them on their new TOSER statuses and Arbiter thanks him. The admin then tells the two to head over to the briefing room to learn about the hacker threat as Arbiter discovers that Chief is not in the office, but in the shallow river, shooting at the fish. The two then head over to the armory to equip themselves, only to find that they cannot pick up any rifles, launchers or other weapons except for plasma pistols and the Sprint and Evade armor abilities. A mod is shown walking into the armory, saying that Chief needs to stop with the language or he'll be discharged. The mod explains why they can't pick up the good weapons and abilities, saying that they will get access to them as they rise up the ranks. Chief asks who the mod is, and he introduces himself, stating his name, which is "Silent Strike", and that he is a moderator who will be supervising the Chief and Arbiter during their time as Level -1 enforcers. Silent Strike then states to Chief that cussing is not allowed against other players, and that it is only acceptable if it's between other TOSERS. Silent Strike then says that Arbiter and Chief's judicial authority is limited, stating they can only give out verbal warnings only and not even Arbiter's "three-strikes" system, much to the disappointment of the two.

Later, Arbiter and Chief attend the meeting about the Chaos Theosis and how people can fight against them and not get banned. The Basic Division admin then states that the hackers have elite capabilities, preventing TOSERS from tracking them and effectively banning them, making them difficult to stop. The admin states to not take the hackers lightly, adding that they are dangerous individuals. Kevin then asks what they are going to do in the meantime, and Cody tells him to "go to bed" and "don't forget to brush your teeth beforehand". Kevin then asks if he can stop it as the Basic Division admin continues to state that their highest members are trying their best to find the hackers and how they can be stopped. Kevin asks if OMN can shut off the consoles, stating that everybody's personal information is at risk, with the Basic Division admin saying that it would be unnecessary, and that the only way to stop the hacker threat effectively is to release a patch, which has not yet been made due to difficulty finding weaknesses in the hacker's consoles. The meeting is adjourned, and as Arbiter and Chief exit the room, they notice a female member exiting the armory, being told to go to the meeting room to learn about the hacker threat. It is Claire, and Arbiter says her name as the apartment's buzzer goes off. It turns out that Chief had ordered pizza, and the delivery guy has just arrived. Chief then excitedly jumps off the couch and heads for the door with Arbiter following close behind. Claire hears Arbiter's voice and asks if it is him, but there is no response. She then asks how the two have been doing as Chief uses the duct tape rolls to climb up the door as Arbiter tries to get him down. Chief kicks Arbiter in the face as he continues to climb up the door to get to the intercom and asks for the delivery guy to come on up.

Arbiter protests, saying that they can't be seen. Chief then lets go of the intercom, falling and landing on Arbiter. Chief then heads for the door as Claire tries to eliminate the awkwardness between the three, stating how her life has been, with no response from Arbiter or Chief.

Arbiter then tackles Chief, who is getting closer to the door. Arbiter then picks up Chief and throws him against the wall as the delivery guy knocks on the door. Chief then kicks Arbiter in the crotch and heads for the door. As he starts to climb, Chief is pulled off by Arbiter, who both fall to the ground as the deliver guy asks if he has the right address. Arbiter then tries to shoo away the delivery guy by stating that Chief prank-called him and that they never really wanted pizza, adding that he is sorry, much to the protest of Chief. Arbiter then asks for the delivery guy to ignore him and to leave. Chief gets angry and lunges at Arbiter, who dodges out of the way, causing Chief to hit his head and knocking himself out.

Claire then asks if the two are going to say anything. After a moment of silence, Claire walks away, looking at the two before departing.

The delivery guy then asks if he could at least have his money, without any tips due to it being such a large order. Arbiter denies the delivery guy any money, and the delivery guy angrily leaves.

Arbiter then remembers the Xbox, and hurridly returns to the game, only to find that Claire is gone.

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Trivia Edit

  • Silent Strike's voice actor is not shown in the credits.
  • Claire returns from Season Five.
  • The reason why the episode is called "Dough Eyes," is that it is a combination of the words, dough (which is used to make pizza) and the term "Doe Eyes," which describes the eyes of a beautiful woman. In this case, Claire.
  • After Chief lands on Arbiter, if looked carefully, his helmet is loose from the glue stuck to his face.

Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO make it ten minutes
  • HOW TO freeze and get down on the ****ing ground
  • HOW TO say hello to the fishies
  • HOW TO pick up the best gun in the whole game
  • HOW TO piss off a delivery man

Reception Edit

The episode received very positive comments with 3,217 likes and 73 dislikes. Many viewers commented that they liked Chief's comedic lines and the pizza delivery scene at the end.

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"Dough Eyes"

"Dough Eyes"

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