Drunken Halo
Season 5, Episode 6 (44)
Drunken Halo Episode Picture
Air date February 26, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Drunken Halo is the sixth episode of Season 5 in Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Their self-confidence rocked by the abysmal online performance of their Hypernews pilot episode, Master Chief and the Arbiter decide to celebrate their hard work regardless and dedicate the day to playing Drunken Halo.

Plot Edit

Chief, Arbiter and Greg have uploaded Hypernews to YouTube. The results have been terrible so far, with the only viewer and commenter disliking the video and calling it gay. Chief and Arbiter argue over whose fault it is, with Arbiter believing it is Chief's fault, for how ridiculous his review of Ocarina of Time was, and Chief believing it was Arbiter's fault, becaues Chief need more screen time. Greg tells them to stop arguing. Arbiter decides that he needs a beer after all their hard work. Chief ends up with an idea.

Arbiter quickly gets drunk. Chief's idea is to go on Halo: Reach and trash talk people. Chief and Arbiter play, while Greg watches. Cheif goes to pick up the rocket launcher, his favourite weapon. However, Claire picks it up first. Chief tells her to give it to him, or there'll be a problem. When he hears she is a girl, he tries to get her to join his friend's list, but she doesn't want to be his friend. Arbiter arrives and tells Claire that Chief and Arbiter live together. Arbiter, being drunk, ends up insulting Trent Donnovich. Claire doesn't approve, and leaves.

Arbiter realizes what he just did, and starts to think that Claire hates him. Chief suspects that the marriage of Claire and Trent is happening in Reach, but Arbiter tells him it isn't.

Later, Arbiter is playing again. He runs into Trent in a game, and he says that Claire told him everything. Arbiter is worried at first, but then Trent doesn't understand what Arbiter is talking about when he mentions the incident earlier. He reveals that Claire told him that they had a relationship before, and he also, surprisingly, says that he thinks Arbiter seems like an intelligent person. He offers to be friends.

Cast Edit

Transcript ​Edit

Main article: Drunken Halo/Transcript

Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO make a flop
  • HOW TO get wasted
  • HOW TO play drunken Halo
  • HOW TO pick up women online
  • HOW TO have slight visual glitches in your video because of a lack of reliable retail video capture hardware

Trivia Edit

  • The YouTube user who disliked Hypernews is called "sm0k3w33d4lyph420". This was the gamertag of Jeremy in Season 2.
  • Claire doesn't appear to remember Chief from Endgame but this is probably due to John declaring any episode after "King" as 'non-canon'.

Watch the episode Edit

"Drunken Halo"

"Drunken Halo"

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