Duck Love
Season 5, Episode 2 (40)
Duck love
Air date January 29, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Duck Love is the second episode of the fifth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

The Arbiter wastes no time going forward with his idea: developing his own gaming news show; though he struggles to come up with material, a task made no easier being badgered by Master Chief.

Plot Edit

With his foot successfully glued back on, Chief celebrates by playing Halo: Reach online. During his match, he runs into two gamers named Cody Hammond and Timothy, who look down on his MS-based speech and terrible KD, identifying Chief as nothing but a troll. Chief on other hand ignores them both and continues trashtalking them until he loses interests and resumes wrecklessly spraying everything in sight.

Later on, a hungry Master Chief forages for food but winds up finding Arbiter and Greg in the bathtub. Arbiter and Greg are trying to brainstorm ideas for a video game-based show, after Trent Donnovich's behaviour in his interview (from the previous episode). At first, Master Chief dismisses their idea as being stupid and "gay" but quickly has a change of mind and decides to try and make his own show, despite his incompetence. Arbiter angrily tries to stop him from stealing his idea but Chief stubbornly refuses to listen. Time passes and eventually Greg gives up on the idea as well for it sounding boring. Greg then suggests to Arbiter to try and work with Master Chief on the project. Arbiter initially refuses, due to Chief's fanboyism and dick drawings, but then Greg suggests doing it as a parody, without telling Chief, which Arbiter agrees to.

While Chief is playing online and trashtalking more players, Arbiter goes through and suggests the two to work together to make a better. Chief of course refuses, accusing Arbiter of being "a square" and sends him off with the statement "go fuck a duck."

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Transcript ​Edit

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO gain a false sense of confidence
  • HOW TO antagonize players online on Halo: Reach
  • HOW TO brainstorm for ideas
  • HOW TO destroy the self-confidence of others
  • HOW TO steal someone else's idea

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the debut of Timothy, who would appear occasionally throughout season 5.
  • This episode also marks the beginning the running gag in which players would recognize Chief's (and Arbiter's) text-to-speech voice. The same principle would apply for Giveth and Taketh and Night of the Evading Dead, but only pretains to someone who already knows Arbiter and Chief.
  • This episode foreshadows the creation of Hypernews.

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"Duck Love"

"Duck Love"

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