Duncan 2.0
Voice Actor Hutch
Gender Male
Affiliations Chaos Theosis
First Appearance Genesis
Last Appearance Femme Fatale
Status: Alive
Online Status Restored
Gamertag Back2TheKitchen88
"What is it that keeps you gamer girls run to gaming? None of you can play for shit. Are all of you dense, or do you just revel in the attention it draws towards you fugly bitches because you can't get a decent dicking?"
— Duncan talking to a female gamer, in Femme Fatale

Duncan was a member of the hacker/cyberterrorist clan Chaos Theosis and served as a supporting antagonist in the sixth season of the Arby 'n' the Chief series.



Duncan, setting up camp at TOSERS.

Duncan is an incredibly competitive player of Halo, and shows a far more morally grounded view compared to the rest of Chaos Theosis, though he is still incredibly sexist. Duncan had no interest in damaging the network, and simply wished to remove TOSERS, believing it to be a poor idea.


Duncan fragged

Duncan is the heavy weapon user in Chaos Theosis, often sporting the Fuel Rod and Rocket Launcher. He was a part of the MLG prior to joining the clan, hence the stereotyping attitude and combat strategies.

Duncan took part in Chaos Theosis' plan only because he wanted TOSERS removed, and he was ignorant to the clan's real objective of having the entire OMN taken down.

Alongside the rest of Chaos Theosis, Duncan attacked the TOSERS training server at the beginning of their campaign against the OMN, and fragged numerous players, but retreated along with the rest of the group when more moderators joined the sever.

Afterwards, Duncan and the rest of the group started banning random players in matches online, including serveral TOSERS moderators, in an attempt to protest against the OMN administrators.

After the protest was ignored, Chaos Theosis continued their operations, and eventually moved on to attack the main TOSERS server with aid from Silent Strike, who allowed them to infiltrate the server with their hacks active. The group was successful in disbanding TOSERS by fragging almost every moderator.

After TOSERS was disbanded, Clyde, Adam and Kylie revealed the real objective of the clan. Duncan viewed it is morally wrong, but didn't voice this opinion at the clan meeting.

Duncan returned to playing custom games with his friends, much to the dismissal of Clyde and Kylie. Duncan believed his job only to be the removal of TOSER's and not the OMN, and attempted to reason with Kylie that what they were doing was highly illegal. Kylie and Clyde lured Duncan into Clyde's server, with Kylie pretending to want Duncan's assisstance in fragging Clyde, but when they arrived there, Kylie quickly betrayed Duncan by fragging him after he told Clyde that he wanted out.

Once Chaos Theosis was defeated, the accounts fragged by them were successfully retrieved, which would include Duncan.


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  • His gamertag, Back2TheKitchen88, is not a possible gamertag because it is too long to be one.
  • He is voiced by Shaun "Hutch" Hutchinson, a known YouTube gamer and Twitch streamer.