This is a list of all the quotes said by Duncan in Arby 'n' the Chief.


  • "What, like Adam?"
  • "Impressive!"
  • Really? Again with THIS?"
  • "Yeah, wrap it up!"
  • "Every child is sacred."

Hard EndEdit

  • "Can't take a chance if you don't have one."
  • "Only way out is to last until the match expires. You've still got another four minutes to go."
  • "Non-degrading overshields! It'll take a few more magazines than that!"


  • "Look, I know I used to be in MLG and everything, but just 'Duncan' is fine".
  • "Oh, that's great! I always forget condoms, but, now that I'm playing with you, I've always got some!"
  • "Pro tip. You can't. Hehe!"

Chaos TheosisEdit

  • "He's the face of a new generation. Video games are today's babysitters. Kids like Adam are raised on an explicit online battleground where actions don't have any real consequences."
  • "He shit his pants the other day while he was playing."
  • "People get used to a way of living and they see anything taken away as an inbalance, regardless of what's fair."
  • "Maybe we're not exactly in the greatest position to talk about fairness."
  • "Hey, based purely on personal observation, chicks typically suck at games and yes, I'm competitive and I get mad if they're on my team. You know enough about playing and hacking this game that I'm convinced that you have a penis. But if you really don't then your the exception to the rule. You're the best chick I've ever seen play."
  • "Well, shucks!"
  • "Facepalm......"
  • "If there is a Hell, I think the Devil has a plaque for your personal corner, Adam."


  • "Thanks for the heads up!" ~Duncan's only line in the episode


  • "Did you seriously just do that?"
  • "You're in the home stretch now Adam, your mom can't be too far from a Stroke."
  • "Don't you guys enjoy playing online? I thought this was only about stomping out the absurd idea of video game police, why would we wanna take out the whole network?!"
  • "I love playing online man, it's my thing!"

Femme FataleEdit

  • "Oh forget birthing, we're not counting natural body functions. I don't consider any dump I've ever taken as a worthwhile accomplishment."
  • "What is it that keeps you gamer girls run to gaming? None of you can play for shit. Are all of you dense, or do you just revel in the attention it draws towards you fugly bitches because you can't get a decent dicking?"
  • "I've done my job in its enitrity. I was under the impression that the job ended with taking out TOSERS, and I took it on because the organization seemed to me like some serious 1984 shit. I was aware it was a shady area but overall, I felt like I was doing the right thing. I don't feel that way anymore, I don't want nothing more to do with Chaos Theosis, I don't want to see the network go, I don't think it's right."
  • "You're banning countless innocent players with no just cause, and threatening the activity of a very popular and profitable service. People go to prison for shit like this. Whatever you're getting, isn't worth the risk."
  • "WHAT THE FUCK?!" - His last words, while he gets assassinated and fragged by Kylie.