AntC Endgame
Air date September 5 – October 10, 2009 (in parts)
October 19, 2009 (full)
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame is a special episode of Arby 'n' the Chief. Endgame was originally intended to be the series finale for Arby 'n' the Chief before the debut of the sequel series Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A. It was originally split into six parts, but a version containing the entire episode was later released. 

Because of the continuity issues generated by the later seasons and other narrative inconsistencies, Endgame is widely considered to be not canon by fans. On August 12th 2015 in a twitch steam, this was later backed up by Jon Graham himself as he claimed he never really considered it canon. 


"Arby 'n' the Chief" series finale. Things are heading downhill at the apartment. During a game of Halo 3, the Arbiter discovers he's falling to pieces and begins suffering from a mid-life crisis, and he along with Master Chief, they begin examining their lives.

On top of that, Jon's failure to pay rent has forced him to rent out his spare room to another tenant, specifically Scott, a disgusting douchebag with a giant black afro to match the blackness of his heart who, unbeknownst to Master Chief or The Arbiter at first, is wanted for hacking on online games in addition to smuggling cocaine between Canada and Russia for sixteen years, and is also being pursued by a Russian agent of the KGB determined to settle a personal score with him.


The Arbiter and Master Chief are seen playing Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, with Master Chief complaining about the game while shooting everywhere with every weapon. Arbiter points out that he should stop playing it then, but Chief ignores it and asks "When is the second one coming out?".

Simultaneously to this, Russian Agent Boris Smirnoff is chasing the drug dealer Scott Loveheart through a forest. Smirnoff finally captures Scott, holding him at gunpoint. Scott offers his cocaine to Smirnoff but Smirnoff refuses. Scott then throws the cocaine at his face, distracting him and letting Scott escape. Smirnoff starts shouting loudly, enraged.

Chief and Arbiter are now playing "Mile High Club" on CoD 4 MW, Chief eventually gets to the end of the level where he must kill the Hostage Holder, Chief misses and tries again, this time he wins but mistakes the hostage for an enemy failing the mission again, Chief gets so fed up that he decides to play Halo 3.

Chief is now playing Halo 3 fairly badly, a player complains about his poorness but Chief cannot hear due to loud music in the house. Arbiter explains that it is Scott, Jon's new roommate, that he got since Jon is falling behind in the rent. Scott starts coming, and Chief says that they have to hide. However, Arbiter explains that Scott believes that Arbiter and Chief are hallucinations because of how much cocaine Scott takes. Scott goes to make a cocaine sandwich, then tells Arbiter and Chief that if they call the police, then he'll beat them up and leaves.

The player from before continues to call Chief out for his poor Halo skills. Arbiter tells them to settle down. At the exact same time, a girl player says the exact same thing. Arbiter notices her.

Chief points out that Arbiter is starting to break when his helmet falls off. Chief says that he is the same with his visor able to come right off.

Arbiter talks to the player, who introduces herself as Claire. Arbiter says that his name is Jon, as he thought that she would think that he is a Halo-obsessed nerd if he said that he was called the Arbiter. Claire wonders who Chief was, Arbiter says he doesn't know.

On Sandtrap, a pair of MLG Players are playing a match. They run into a hacker online, who lags them out and takes all the kills in the game for himself. He then runs off, satisfied with the fact that he made their game slightly more frustrating to play.

Arbiter & Claire

Arbiter & Claire on their date.

Arbiter is talking to Claire on MSN. They were talking about the game they met in earlier. Arbiter wonders whether Claire wants to move on with the conversation or not, and types out a message saying that he thinks they should play together more often, and maybe meet each other in real life. While still considering whether to send the message or not, Chief shows up and surprises Arbiter, and makes him accidentally press the enter button. Chief wants to get his Recon armor back after it got taken away from him. He asks Arbiter how he can get it back. He tells Chief that kids that want Recon normally fake an illness, but Chief should make himself stand out from the crowd, thought he wasn't really serious. Chief thanks him and goes off to try it out. Claire responds to Arbiter's message saying that it would be great.

Chief is standing on the edge of a table, with a knife in his hand and his left foot hanging off the table, giving the impression he was going to cut his left foot. He then uses the knife to spread some peanut butter on a sandwich and eats it. This time telling himself to man up and do it, he then cuts off his foot, and feels great pain. Arbiter shows up. Chief tells him to get the camera and take a picture, and send it to Bungie, so that they'll give him Recon back. Arbiter tells him that he wasn't serious, and even if he was, he should have pretended to have had something wrong with him, not actually harm himself. Chief becomes very sad.

They hear something. It's Scott, who is smoking, masturbating and hacking on Halo 3 all at the same time. They spy on him, and find out that he has Jon's credit card, and he buys 200 hookers using it. Chief wants to call the police, but Arbiter realizes that if anything happens to Scott, then Jon won't be able to pay the rent and would all be evicted. Frustrated and not sure what to do, they decide to wait for now.

On his first "date" with Claire, Arbiter is walking with her on the beach on Last Resort. They talk about it, and eventually, Claire points out that it's a shame that it won't last for much longer because of a hacker that is disrupting the Halo 3 community and ruining online gaming for many and Bungie are unable to deal with him. Arbiter comes to the realization that Scott is the hacker in question (revealing that he was also the one on Sandtrap), but accidentally reveals that his name isn't Jon. Claire angrily leaves Arbiter, after finding out that he is harboring a criminal in his house and that he was lying to her all along.

Arbiter leaves. Now feeling very sad, he starts to talk to himself about how he is falling apart and won't last much longer. Chief scares him by ejaculating next to him. Chief laughingly states it was just shampoo and tells Arbiter that he was trying to cheer him up, and suggests that they deal with Scott and go out with a bang, rather than waiting until they completely break. Arbiter agrees, and go off to deal with him after a high-five.


Scott dead.

Claire is playing on Sandbox and she runs into Scott. She tries to kill him but is unable to, and starts to run away. She reaches the top of the map, which is on the roof. Scott corners her, gloating that he is going to lag her out and take all the kills for himself.

Just then, Arbiter and Chief show up. They reveal to him that they are real living action figures and they tell him that they are going to have him arrested. He says that he'll beat them up before they dial the number, but they reveal that they called the police an hour ago. Agent Smirnoff opens the door. Scott recognizes him, and after a stare off, slams the keyboard in his face and goes to get his gun which is next door. He almost reaches it, but Smirnoff shoots him. He continues to shoot him several times. After a long while, Scott finally dies after one final sniff of cocaine.

Smirnoff leaves, without even collecting the body.

Chief & Arbiter in Valhalla
Later, Chief and Arbiter are standing on Valhalla. Chief asks what will happen to them now that Scott was dead and Jon would get evicted. Arbiter says that they'll probably get sold to an 8-year old MLG for money and would get posed into several humorous sexual positions. Claire shows up and reveals that she heard the entire incident and thinks that Arbiter is very brave. She also found out that they are toys. She also tells them that she has room for Jon and the toys to move in at her house. Arbiter is thrilled. Chief however, becomes sad. Arbiter asks why. He says that Arbiter got what he wanted, but Chief still hasn't gotten Recon back. A Bungie member shows up (possibly the same one as in "Cheater" since he knows that Recon was taken from him) and rewards him by giving him Recon back for dealing with Scott. Chief is also thrilled, until he sees somebody else with Recon. He asks how he got it, and he says that he got the achievements for all the Vidmaster challenges. Now that anyone can get Recon and he was no longer special, Chief decides that he hates Bungie.

Chief and Arbiter are later packed inside of a box, conversing with each other about several subjects until they arrive at Jon's new place.

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Overall response to Endgame was highly polarized. Many considered the finale too over the top and lacking certain elements that made the show unique. Others praised it as a fitting conclusion to the series. However, with the release of the negatively received Arby 'n' the Chief: In L.A., this episode has been lambasted much more. Many noted the narrative inconsistencies that would clash with the story-driven seasons, such as Claire's last name being Redfield instead of Ferguson. Endgame has since been written off as not canon.


  • This is the second longest-running episode of Arby 'n' the Chief.
  • Claire's last name is Redfield in this episode. However, revealed in Collapse, her last name is Ferguson, creating a small continuity error.
  • A continuity error occurs at the start of the Movie when Scott takes a bag of cocaine out of the cupboard as it lands near Jon's Master Chief figure with its foot removed.
  • Scott appears to be playing Halo 3 on a PC, this is impossible considering the fact that Halo 3 is Xbox 360 only, but it could be possible that he was playing on an Xbox 360 emulator.
  • Master Chief references the album "Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water" by Limp Bizkit, when he says "THE CHOCOLIT STARFIIIIIIISH" followed by a fart, and then he proceeds to say "AND TEH HOTDOG FLAVIRD WATAR".

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Arby 'n' the Chief "Endgame" (FIXED AUDIO)

Arby 'n' the Chief "Endgame" (FIXED AUDIO)