Eugene Black's clan
Type Clan
Status Presumably dissolved
Date of formation Unknown
Leader Eugene Black
Notable members Tyler King
Colin Hunt
Master Chief

The nameless clan led by Eugene Black focused on trolling and having fun online, rather than normal gameplay skills and winning matches. The clan went unnamed because Eugene believed that a name would draw unwanted attention. As he put it, the only requirement to join the clan was not being "a cunt".

The clan was shown to have a strong presence online, with connections to the legal system and infamy in the online world.


The clan was led by Eugene Black, and co-moderated by Tyler King and Colin Hunt.  Together their clan supported ideals of trolling and having fun at the expense of other gamers, instead of winning and skillful gameplay. Its size and trolling attempts increased its reputation online, and soon a copy-cat clan of trolls was created by Blake. Angry at Blake for sullying the name of their clan with his poor attempts at trolling, Eugene responded by humiliating him online through his clan's connection to Blake's internet provider (and threatening him with worse if he didn't stop).

Eugene met Arbiter in a match. Both got along well due to their like-mindedness, shared hardships and similar personalities, and Eugene sent

Arbiter a friend request. A few days later, Arbiter (along with Chief) joined a game with Eugene and his girlfriend, Michelle. Together they appeared to get along well, with Eugene finding enjoyment in their company and Michelle even feeling confident enough to confide her relationship-troubles between her and Eugene with the Arbiter. The Arbiter told her that Eugene is undergoing a difficult situation with the sickness of his sister Madeline Black, and that she should cut him some slack. Eugene, along with Tyler, came to confront Arbiter, thanking them for helping them with their troubles, and invited both Arbiter and Chief to join their clan.

Colin later announced the completion of Fragban 2.0, an updated version of the homebrew software used by Chaos Theosis, and demonstrated its effectiveness to Eugene and Tyler. With the possesion of Fragban 2.0, the clan began to ban players across the network. Eugene, being in good-terms with Arbiter and Master Chief, introduced them to the software without Colin's permission. Chief was delighted, but Arbiter rejected it, considering it to be immoral. However, through a lengthy discussion with Eugene the Arbiter ultimately decided to participate in using the software. 

The two joined Eugene in-game during a discussion with Colin, and requested to use Fragban 2.0. Colin, upon meeting them, attempted to frag them. Eugene convinced Colin not to do so by stating that they could be trusted and reminding Colin of how he owed Eugene and his clan for getting him out of legal trouble several years previously. With that said, Colin reluctantly agreed not to ban them and allowed them access to the software, under the condition that no one else would be told about it.

With Fragban, the clan, along with Master Chief and Arbiter, continued to ban players from across the network. Including Emma and her purist clan and various Xbox LIVE players. The height of their carnage lead them to infiltrate the online funeral of the recently deceased Halo player Blumpkinbeast666, and frag every attendee present on the server.

However their efforts didn't go without resistance. Brody Mitchell and Kyle Mathison, both schoolmates of Eugene and Tyler, managed to steal Tyler's USB containing software for Fragban while sharing a class. The pair were oblivious to the contents of the USB for quite some time, until Brody attached the USB to his Xbox, and accidently banned two players online. With the newly attained powers of Fragban 2.0, Brody and Kyle attempted to frag members of Eugene Black's clan themselves to enact revenge for transgressions committed by the clan. Their plan to frag them failed after they were spotted using active-camo by Colin, and Eugene was able to identify the two, forcing Brody and Kyle into hiding both online and offline.

Eugene and Tyler regularly stalked Brody and Kyle in an attempt to get their software back and punish the two for stealing from them. Kyle and Brody eventually appeared online to talk about their current predicament, which attracted the attention of Eugene, Tyler and Colin. Members of the clan subsequently banned Brody and Kyle after revealing Brody's alleged homosexuality, and threatening to ruin his life and possibly murder him if he made any further attempt to stop them. Arbiter and Chief, having already been suspicious of Colin and his alleged pedophilia after Chief witnessed his inappropriate interaction with the nine year old boy Peter, observed Eugene and the clans harassment of the two players. Arbiter confronted Eugene about it -- claiming that this was not the behaviour he believed the clan supported. Eugene told him to mind his own business. Arbiter and Chief's disgust with the clan's conduct caused them to lose faith in the clan and turn on it.

The two concocted a plan to get Peter away from Colin, inform Michelle of Eugene's actions online and frag the leaders of the clan. The first two went resoundingly well, while their plan to frag Eugene, Colin and Tyler failed when the toys were ambushed and banned themselves for their defection. Despite being banned from Xbox LIVE, the two were still able to contact Colin over IRC in an attempt to incriminate him for soliciting sex from minors. They also ordered a new Xbox using Jon's wallet, in order to return online and attempt to frag the trio again.

Meanwhile, Eugene was informed of his sister's death. Michelle also contacted him, sharing her disgust with his clan's conduct in regards to banning players from across the network, bullying Brody and his friend Kyle, as well as Colin's sexually-charged interactions with children. She stated that she no longer wished to be with Eugene and ended the relationship. Eugene fragged Michelle.

With his sadness over the previous events, Eugene went to discuss matters with Tyler and Colin. They both shared their condolences with Eugene. The three also realized the possibility of Arbiter and Chief, giving Fragban to the Xbox LIVE administration. They decided to get as much use out of it until then.

During an attack on a racing server, the three were confronted by Arbiter and the Chief. After a heated discourse, they prepared to fight. Arbiter and Chief attempted to attack the group with a falcon, only to be taken down by Eugene's fuel rod canon. After surviving the crash, the toys found cover after Tyler entered a tank. Chief agreed to distract Tyler, so that Arbiter could hijack Tyler's tank and kill him. Tyler, attempting to fire at Chief, got distracted by his dog Charlie barking, so he abused his dog as he typically did whenever Charlie annoyed him. Although this time Charlie visciously mauled Tyler; rendering him unable to play. Arbiter and Chief used this to their advantage as they hijacked, fragged and banned Tyler. Afterwards Colin fired at Chief and Arbiter with his sniper rifle, forcing the two to seek cover behind the tank. But suddenly the police broke into Colin's home to arrest him on suspicion of soliciting sex from minors. Again, Arbiter and the Chief used this to their advantage, as they fragged Colin with a headshot.

With both Tyler and Colin banned, Eugene gave up, and left to another server, to which he invited Arbiter and Chief. When they arrived, he bade them farewell and commited suicide by gunshot. 

Tyler survived being attacked by his dog, and visited Eugene's house, only to find his corpse and splattered brain matter, and he also found out that Colin was incarcerated. He used data from a digital image from Jon's blog to locate his IP address, and through that, his apartment address, in order to find the toys. He then booked a flight to Vancouver, bringing with him a chainsaw, and knocked on the door of Jon's apartment, posing as a courier. Arbiter recognized his voice, and Tyler consolidated his real identity. Having been asked why he came, he confessed that Eugene suicide has been taking its toll on him and lied that he just wanted someone to talk about it. While Arbiter expressed sympathy with him for Eugene's decision to end his own life, he told Tyler to leave before he called the police. Tyler began to saw down the door with his chainsaw, but was confronted by police officers who shot him dead after he attempted to attack them with his saw.

With all of the prominent members of Eugene's clan dead or imprisoned, the fate of the clan remained unknown.

Known members Edit