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Viewer Discretion Warning is shown. Opening credits roll. The scene starts with text stating that it's the next morning. The camera then cuts to Arbiter sleeping under what appears to be a specticle wipe. Arbiter then wakes and looks towards the window, which is covered by a closed blind.

  • Arbiter: Hope Chief's okay.

The camera switches to the box that Arbiter and Chief were previously sleeping within in Walking in L.A.. Chief is seen sleeping under a newspaper page. He then wakes up from his slumber.

  • Chief: yay mourneng / tiem 4 hal0

Chief looks around to see that he is outside, and not in The Brofessional Gamers building.

  • Chief: o ya / fawk / dis sux DIC / itz 2 baad i don hav ani sawx / cuz den i wood hav sawx en mye bawx / hay chek owt mi bawx sawx

The camera switches to Sonic sitting in a cupboard, with Mario holding the door open.

  • Sonic: Mario no! Mario this isn't cool man, don't do this!
  • Mario: Shut up! Or I'll break your other leg. (Closes the cupboard door)
  • Sonic: Mario! Marioooooo! Hey! Let me outta here aaaaagh! (Continues bashing on the cupboard door whilst trying to get Mario's attention)
  • Mario: (To Luigi) What's up with you? You look like you just ate some bad pasta.
  • Luigi: I find your actions equally saddening, Mario.
  • Mario: Sonic needs to learn to do what he's fucking told!
  • Luigi: Let him out, Mario.
  • Mario: Okay, Luigi.
  • Luigi: Really?
  • Mario: NO! You know why? Because this is MY building, Luigi! And I'm your older brother! You do not tell ME what to do, I tell YOU what to do! Now, no more questions. No more remarks and no more puppy dog eyes, or you? You will go in the cupboard with them too.
  • Luigi: What do you mean, 'them'?
  • Mario: I've arranged for Sonic to have a, uh... a roommate.

The scene changes to Arbiter looking out the previously mentioned window, reconsidering what he'd done.

  • Arbiter: I think I made a mistake.

Toad is seen approaching Arbiter from the floor.

  • Toad: Hey Arbiter. What's up?
  • Arbiter: Just thinking.
  • Toad: Wait, you're not having second thoughts, are you?
  • Arbiter: ...Kind of.
  • Toad: Come on, man, to hell with Master Chief, has he ever done anything to deserve your respect?
  • Arbiter: ...No.
  • Toad: Then fuck him, shit I couldn't even understand him half the time, he's such an idiot. And that Microsoft Sam voice? Jesus, gets a little hard on the ears after a while. I can't imagine being subjected to that for years.
  • Arbiter: Yeah... I guess you're right.
  • Toad: Good. Now that that's out of the way, Mario wants to see you.
  • Arbiter: Wouldn't want to keep him waiting.
  • Toad: I don't plan to.

Arbiter is suddenly captured with what seems to be a plastic bag.

  • Arbiter: Aah!!!

Credits roll. The end.