Femme Fatale
Season 6, Episode 11 (62)
Air date December 3rd, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"arbitur is acshuly sort of my friend ok? well not rly but kind of, but not acshully, but a little bit, mebbeh i dont no lol, in a wierd way i gess, but not rly"
Master Chief

Femme Fatale is the eleventh episode in season six of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Kylie confronts Duncan regarding his avoidance of the tasks assigned to him by Clyde, and the toys bicker over who to make their next target.

Plot Edit

Duncan is playing a custom game with his sexist Xbox Live friends, harrassing and kicking a female player who is trying to stand up for her rights. Kylie arrives shortly after and discusses with Duncan about Adam's mysterious disappearance and Duncan's stubborn refusal to help Chaos Theosis take down the network, which is making Kylie a little paranoid that a conspiracy is being formed within the clan. Duncan tells Kylie that his business with Chaos Theosis is done as he wants no part in taking down the network or banning players who don't deserve to be banned. However, he promises to Kylie that for the sake of not suffering corporal punishment, he will not inform the authorities about what Chaos Theosis has done, which Kylie reluctantly agrees to.

Meanwhile, Arbiter plans on going after Clyde next now that his score with Adam is settled. Master Chief, however, insists on going after Kylie next since they got to go after Adam first by Arbiter's request, believing it's fair that he gets to choose who to go after next. Arbiter frustratedly agrees, but wishes to do so the next day as he is feeling exhausted from playing Halo in order to ban Adam.

Against Arbiter's wishes as he sleeps, Master Chief goes it alone and confronts in
Femme Fatale

Chief and Kylie's meeting.

a game. At first, Kylie disregards Chief as a nuiscense, but Chief reveals to her that not only does he like her, but he and Arbiter have the perma-banning hacks as well, and they are planning on using them against her. Kylie then tries to seduce Chief by offering him her age, sex, and location. Surprisingly, Chief, with difficulty, refuses her offer by both defending his friendship with Arbiter and for the sake of being able to play Halo online rather than have the network be shut down. However, he quickly changes his mind when he is offered nude photos of her and leaves the session.

Later on, Kylie meets up with Duncan again and tells him that she doesn't feel comfortable with the situation Chaos Theosis is in and feels that taking down Clyde will stop the fragging from going on any further. Moments later, Clyde invites the two over for a clan meeting. At the meeting, Clyde demands that Duncan explain why he and Adam aren't doing their part in hunting down players. When Duncan finally steps up and tells Clyde what the problem is, Kylie double-crosses Duncan and frags him, revealing that she had been on Clyde's side from the start. Clyde then orders Kylie to kill Arbiter and Master Chief the next time they meet as they now pose a significant threat to their plans.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO be a pathetic misogynist
  • HOW TO be have fun with ziploc bags
  • HOW TO get square eyes
  • HOW TO fall in love online

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The episode received mostly positive reviews with 1,875+ likes and 45+ dislikes. Many praised the episode while some criticized it for having too much "talking parts" instead of regular action. Several people also responded negatively to the amount of time it took to release the episode.

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"Femme Fatale"

"Femme Fatale"