Fired Up
Season 6, Episode 6 (57)
Air date August 27th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"How are things?"
Arbiter to Claire

Fired Up is the sixth episode of the sixth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief collapses from exhaustion after a full day of moderating duty. The Arbiter can't sleep and decides to resume play through the night -- and a newly promoted Claire is assigned as his supervisor.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with Arbiter and Chief cursing themselves over the fact that they deleted the hacks they were given after Claire and Trent's wedding, saying that they could've helped the TOSERS eradicate the hackers' exploits with them. Chief then begins to fall asleep as Arbiter tucks him into bed, complaining about Chief's annoying snores, with Arbiter pulling the blanket off of Chief in an irritated fashion after hearing Chief talk in his sleep about having sex with Arbiter's mom.

Arbiter then signs into Halo and prepares to moderate a few games before his new supervisor arrives--who happens to be Claire. The title screen appears.

Arbiter and Claire then have a conversation while watching a competitive match. The two begin to catch up as Arbiter realizes that interfering with her life has made a part of her feel a hatred for him. A player then uses bad language, and Arbiter tries to warn the player only to get told off. Claire then yells at the player and walks away.

A couple hours later, it is morning as Chief wakes up and shuts the curtains. As he practices his infamous TOSER impression, Chief finds Arbiter sitting against the wall, eating cereal. Chief then joins Arbiter, and asks why Arbiter never went to bed. Arbiter recounts his conversation with Claire and that interfering with her life was a decision which fueled her hatred for him. Chief then coldly brushes this off, saying that they did the right thing, and that he doesn't really care.

Later, Arbiter and Chief visit the Basic Division mod, Leonard, who promotes Arbiter to Level 0. Chief believes he is also getting promoted, but the mod says only Arbiter is, which frustrates Chief.

Later on, Chief and Arbiter respond to a player who was saying the n-word over and over, and end up getting in trouble due to Chief saying "fuck" and "faggot". Leonard scolds the two, especially Chief, for doing this, and if it happens again, there will be consequences.

Afterwards, Chief and Arbiter are watching another match when two players run by and insult them. Chief then tells the players to "lick my batwing, cocksuckers" and end up back in Leonard's office. This time, Arbiter and Chief are both discharged, much to the dismay and anger of Arbiter.

In a post-credits scene, Jon Graham is seen eating a spoon of cereal out of Chief's bowl from behind the camera.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO play Halo forever and ever and ever and ever and ever
  • HOW TO snore in the most annoying fashion
  • HOW TO tell a star that gives life to the entire planet to suck genitalia
  • HOW TO less than three your milk
  • HOW TO break the last straw

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"Fired Up"

"Fired Up"