Arbiter standing over Claire's fragbanned Avatar.

Fragban (also referred to as permaban) is a soft/hardware modification that allows online players who possess the mod to instantly ban the consoles of other players.

Overview Edit

Fragban is capable of marking consoles and instantly banning them on the spot. While the mod has seen several incarnations over the course of the series, one factor is consistent: if you are killed in any way by a player with the mod, your console is instantly fragged. In later versions of fragban, the mod is capable of banning any player who leaves a session where the modded player is. One drawback of the mod is that it does not distinguish between friend or foe, allowing for potential friendly fire.

History Edit

Original version Edit

The original version of fragban was created by Justin, who would later become a close associate of Trent Donnovich. This version of fragban was tame compared to later versions, as it only temporarily fragged consoles. As such, Bungie administrators could reverse any damage done by the mod. The mod was quickly dispersed among underground hacking communities on Xbox Live, one of which was approached by Arbiter and Chief when they required assistance in taking down Trent. The two were given access to fragban as well as a plethora of other hacks. The two soon crashed Trent's wedding and exacted their revenge. However, the damage was eventually undone by Brian, and a patch for fragban soon followed.

Second version Edit

Fragban soon re-entered the online community by way of Chaos Theosis, a group of hackers who possessed a significantly more dangerous version of fragban provided by Justin at the behest of Trent Donnovich. This updated mod allowed for permanent fragging of consoles as well as permanent fragging of any player who left a session where Chaos Theosis was. By this time, TOSERS came onto the online gaming scene and ended up becoming the only true opposition to Chaos Theosis. Arbiter and Chief, while ascending the ranks of TOSERS, ended up acquiring the newest version of fragban following a botched deal between several underground hackers and Chaos Theosis members. Not long after, the duo hunted down the four members of Chaos Theosis and fragged them. A patch was later issued, resolving the threat of fragban.

Fragban 2.0Edit


The first use of fragban 2.0.

Although the hacks were rendered useless due to a patch to the network, Colin Hunt developed an updated version, known as Fragban 2.0, to be provided to him and his fellow clan members Eugene Black and Tyler King.

As new advanced hacks, the user can spawn with a permanent overshield, permanently ban a player's console from the network by fragging said player (forcing them to buy another console), spawn with any weapon of their choosing in defiance of server-enforced restrictions, and become unlisted in a match; the latter makes the user a "ghost" and keeps them from being detected on the server through means such as notifications of joining or leaving a game, or fragging other players. The downside, however, is that friendly fire is able to be used on people with the same hack.

After realizing the sinister nature of Eugene and his cohorts, Arbiter and Chief both attempted to hunt down the clan with unsuccessful results; the two were fragged and Jon's console was permanently banned. Upon ordering a new console, the duo tracked down the clan once again and managed to take out all but one: Eugene, who committed suicide before the toys could do anything. In the wake of the clan's destruction, Arbiter sent the files of Fragban 2.0 to the OMN, effectively destroying any remaining threat to the network once and for all.

However, after Arby and Chief fragged Eugene's Avatar after the gunshot, it soon disappeared and the countdown timer was heard, indicating Eugene was somehow immune to Fragban.

Fragban 3.0 Edit

Four years after Eugene plagued the network with Fragban, the malware returned in an insidious new form. A mysterious player with an ominous Avatar appeared in matchmaking on Halo Reach. While the player idled at first and did not react to other players, it soon began to repeat the phrase "Hello World" in a robotic monotone similar to Arby and Chief's. The player then proceeded to frag players in the match. However, instead of being simply banned, the player's avatars fell under a hive-mind like control of the mystery player. They too reiterated the phrase "Hello World" and also had the power to frag and take control of other players. Fragban 3.0 operates as a cancerous virus and its origins and full powers are currently unknown.


The term "fragged" denotes an individual whose account was banned by the software. Otherwise, his/her account is labeled "intact".