From the Ashes
Season Hypermail, Episode 3
From the Ashes
Air date July 9, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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From the Ashes is the third episode of Hypermail Season 1.


Master Chief and the Arbiter answer another batch of fan mail, but run into a snag with their film set...


The episode begins with Arbiter getting a camera. He hopes it still works, as Chief accidentally knocked it off the table, and Jon spent 1000$ on it. Arbiter asks Chief if he got thier set out, and finds out that it's ruined. He assumes that Chief put it in the cupboard wrong, and is annoyed with him at first, but then decides that they should use places around the house to film.

After that, they start filming the actual episode, and get started on the mail: From Ramiro:

"hey'" - They both say hi to him, and Arbiter thanks him for watching the show.

From Mark:

"Hey Chief,

You should stop letting Arbiter give you so much shit all the time. Punch out that prick if he tries to talk you down again. He's just bitter because everyone has had his mom and he plays Nintendo games with shitty graphics for babies because he doesn't have the correct strategy for armour lock. What made Arbiter so gay?

Stay 1337,

Mark. - Chief thanks Mark and says that he wishes that more people who watch the show were like him. However, he says that, to be fair, Arbiter's mom is too busy with Chief for anyone else.

From Mike:

"Dear Arbiter:

I know you like Claire, but there are plenty of female action figures on amazon. Why don't you buy someone with Jon's credit card ;) instead of sitting around sadly waiting for something that can never really happen?

Much love bro!

-Mike." - Arbiter responds by saying that it wouldn't feel right and they probably wouldn't be living.

After that, Chief runs off to the computer to go and buy a bunch of Barbies after hearing Mike's idea. While Arbiter ends the video and goes to stop him.


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Hypermail "From the Ashes"

Hypermail "From the Ashes"