Game Over
Season 7, Episode 24 (88)
Game Over - by the window
Air date August 4, 2013
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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The Big Bang
"With the time you and Arbiter have left, please be the best friend to him that you can possibly be."
Cortana, giving her final request to Chief before departing.

Game Over is the twenty fourth episode on the seventh season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

The toys struggle to come to terms with Eugene's suicide and the takedown of his co-moderators.

Plot Edit

Arbiter takes a handful of painkillers in the bathroom and washes them down with whiskey. Chief and him walk past each other as the former heads into the bathroom, where he discusses the the grim events that took place earlier with Cortana. Chief admits his guilt over Cortana and Eugene's deaths, and Cortana posits that Chief has truly changed, and that she is no longer needed. Chief protests however, saying that despite him earlier claiming that he wasn't in love with her, he is now. Chief then looks up to find Cortana gone. Scouring the bathroom for her, Chief finds no one. He sits against the bathtub in silence.

Later, Chief joins Arbiter, who is smoking at the window. They talk about their experiences, and decide that, despite their differences, they can remain friends if they can't befriend anyone else. Arbiter reveals that he sent Fragban to the network, and a long apology to Claire, who he admits he crossed the line with. Chief comments that remaining in the friend zone is better than nothing at all.

Cortana's Baseplate - Game Over

Arbiter finds Cortana's baseplate.

One week later, Chief is playing Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and calls it is one of the best games he's ever played. Arbiter meanwhile is selecting music on Jon's Blackberry. He offers Chief the choice between Super Metroid and Super Mario World as his next retro game to experience. Chief decides on Super Metroid. Arbiter leaves to look in the hall closet for the SNES cables so that Chief can play. After complaining that Arbiter is taking too long, Chief wanders to find him, only to be caught frozen as he sees Arbiter staring blankly at Cortana's baseplate

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO pop pain-killers like breakfast cereal
  • HOW TO have fun in prison
  • HOW TO step it up


The episode was acclaimed, with many commenting on the episode's emotional tone and solid character development.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode was previously titled "No Future".
  • This episode is fully comprised of live action. 
  • The orchestral piece that plays when Chief is in the bathroom and later when Arbiter and him are smoking is "Lohengrin: Prelude to Act I" by Wagner.
  • The episode was delayed by a day due to an error when the video was set to "private" accidentally on Machinima's channel.
  • Cortana makes her final appearance in the episode.

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Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E24 - "Game Over"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E24 - "Game Over"

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