Season 6, Episode 1 (52)
Air date June 18, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Technology is evolving at a faster rate than man can keep up with. As each day passes, he gives a little more of himself to the machine. "

Genesis is the first episode of the sixth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Four months have passed since the wedding crash punctuating season five. The toys are still banned from playing Halo online. Master Chief resorts to drawing on the walls and burning holes in the carpet to fill his days. The Arbiter, having not spoken to Claire in some time, has become a full-blown alcoholic and has convinced himself he has absolutely no control over his life. Greg has been nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, on the online battleground, to combat a rise in in-game cheating and hacking, the OMN (Online Multiplayer Network) establishes an organization named the TOSERS (Terms of Service Enforcement/Response Squad), consisting of moderators of varying ranks and within different divisions who are deployed to police online matches. In response, a ruthless clan of hackers known as Chaos Theosis rises and threatens to wreak havoc online with an illegal software patch commonly referred to by underground hacking communities as FragBan, which allows patched players to place an irreversible console ban on any player he or she frags in the game as well as steal that player's personal account information, unless TOSERS is immediately dismantled and its moderators are removed from gameplay...

Plot Edit

This episode picks up four months after season 5. Arbiter and Chief continue to live on their own without Greg, with their consoles being banned. Chief passes time by playing Halo: Reach campaign and drawing penises on the walls, while Arbiter, after what Trent Donnovich said about him in Cheaters, becomes a depressed drunk. To make matters worse, Claire doesn't talk to Arbiter anymore, and he continues to miss Greg and Cortana. Meanwhile, a hacker clan known as Chaos Theosis have risen, and created hacks that permaban players that they kill. They will use these hacks to ban players, unless an organization called the Terms Of Service Enforcement/Response Squad is taken down.

Four months earlier, Arbiter wakes up to hear the voice of Cortana. Thrilled that she has returned, he goes to find her. However, it turns out to have been Chief using the Microsoft Mary synthetic voice. Arbiter is enraged, and they have a fight. Chief loses his arm in the fight, and Arbiter decides to help him, but when Chief says that he hates Arbiter, Arbiter says that he isn't going to bother. Back in the present, Chief has decided that he is going to play Halo Reach's campaign again. Arbiter uses the computer, and finds out about TOSERS, the Terms Of Service Enforcement/Response Squad. They find out that it was set up because of violation of the Xbox Live Terms of Service and that moderators will be placed in every game to make sure that it is upheld. They also find out that they can join the force and have their bans lifted. Arbiter is uninterested, but Chief decides to.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO become a full-blown alcoholic
  • HOW TO draw crude pictures of genitalia
  • HOW TO use leet hacks to threaten the online multiplayer network
  • HOW TO use the computer
  • HOW TO become a TOS-er


  • Clyde incorrectly says "Terms of Use Enforcement Response Squad" instead of "Service" when referring to TOSERS. 
  • As of the 26th of May 2015, "Genesis" is no longer available on the official Machinima Youtube channel. It appears to have been removed for violating Youtube's policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.  

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